All staff were illegal workers

Posted: September 29, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

Every member of staff at a Bridgwater restaurant was an illegal immigrant.

IlieUKBA officers went to Bangla restaurant and fish and chip shop, 29-33 Penel Orlieu, at 18:15 on 23 September.

After the immigration status of staff was checked, six men from Bangladesh were found to have no right to live or work in the UK.

In the restaurant, four men aged 31, 33, 43 and 54 were discovered to have stayed in the UK after their visas expired, while a 33-year-old man had entered the UK illegally.

Both 33-year-olds and the 54-year-old were arrested and taken to Bridgwater police station where they remain in detention pending removal from the UK. The 31-year-old and 43-year-old were placed on immigration bail.

The sole member of staff working in the chip shop – a 43-year-old failed asylum seeker – was also placed on immigration.

The restaurant and chip shop both closed to customers following the agency’s visit because no members of staff were left on site.

Nice try but no cigar.

An American who flew to Cardiff Airport claiming he wanted to pay a visit to his internet girlfriend was refused entry to the country after UKBA officers discovered he intended to set up home with her permanently in Pontypool.

The 43-year-old man arrived at the airport on a flight from the US, via Amsterdam, on Wednesday 22 September.

He told officers at passport control that he wanted to visit a woman he had met on the internet two years previously as well as spending several months visiting castles and travelling around Britain. However, he had just 31 cents in cash and a baggage search revealed that he was carrying numerous personal documents including his birth certificate, divorce papers and bankruptcy papers.

He also had personal letters and cards written to him by his girlfriend which suggested that he intended to make a new life in Wales. The man later admitted he had begun shipping his personal possessions to his girlfriend’s home in Pontypool. Oh what a giveaway!

He was removed on the first available flight to the US, via Amsterdam. Return to sender, nice one!

Nice little earner for the UKBA

Cash totalling more than 15,000 euros has been seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act from a Romanian man who was travelling through the port of Holyhead.from Dublin on Friday 17 September.

The 37-year-old man was carrying cash totalling 15,500 euros – in 50 to 500 euro notes – stuffed inside the pockets of his jeans and claimed the money had been earned by the sale of an apartment in his home country.

He told officers he was en route back to Romania where the cash would be used to buy land, adding that he didn’t trust banks and kept his funds at home. Officers noted that any cash sale of an apartment in Romania was likely to have been in the local currency as the country has not yet joined the Eurozone.

Some of the cash he was carrying was in 500 euro notes. In May this year, the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) announced that the 500 euro note would no longer be available over the counter in the UK after evidence showed over 90% of UK demand was linked to criminality.

Now for some of Vinny Cable’s must have migrants, NOT!

A gang of Eastern Europeans made £2 million a month from online accounts by stealing victims log-in details using sophisticated software which can be bought for just £300 over the internet.

They made £6m in just three months and detectives believe they could have reaped as much as £20m in the highly organised scam. The mastermind, who detectives believe is an adept IT expert, was among 19 arrested yesterday in a series of dawn raids across London.

He and his gang targeted hundreds of victims who had weak security on their computers and accessed their user names and passwords. Police were alerted by high street banks who were alarmed a sudden surge in fraud.

Investigators from Scotland Yard’s e-Crime Unit discovered that the gang were hitting vulnerable computers using ‘Trojan horse’ software.

The system called ‘Zeus’ or ‘Zbot’ infects victims’ personal computers, waits for them to log onto a list of specifically targeted banks and financial institutions and then steals their personal credentials, forwarding the data to a server controlled by criminals. It can also manipulate web browsing sessions including creating an additional page requesting the victim to reveal more personal information, such as payment card number, PIN, and passwords.

Detectives have so far pinpointed over 600 British bank accounts which were defrauded but believe hundreds have been targeted.The ringleader, in his 20s, and his wife, an accomplice in the scam, were arrested in a third-floor flat in Chingford, Essex, yesterday morning.

Seven members of a gang who organised sham weddings for illegal immigrants were jailed yesterday.

IlieThe Eastern European group’s ringleader, Vladimir Murko, was sentenced to more than five years for his part in the scam.

The group of three men and four women staged 15 bogus marriages involving illegal Nigerian, Pakistani and Syrian immigrants from October 2006. The immigrants handed over £1,500 each for the weddings so they could obtain a National Insurance number and stay in Britain.

Murko was sentenced to 44 months for conspiring to assist illegal immigration, and 18 months for possessing a false identity document, to run consecutively.

Murko and his friends and relatives acted as brides or grooms or as witnesses to the proceedings, and many of the marriages, which took place across North-West England and in London, were bigamous. The defendants – six Czechs and one Slovak – all had the right to live in the UK as European citizens.

Pavel More and Roman Murko were given a 26-month jail sentence for the conspiracy charge, with 15 months extra for Murko for bigamy, to run concurrently. The four women were all jailed for 16 months for the conspiracy charge, with 12 months for bigamy, to run concurrently.

Churches in Manchester, Stockport, Liverpool and London, and a Bolton Register Office were all targeted in the scam.

Last week the Home Office was bragging about how few illegal immigrants were getting into the country, don’t make me laugh!


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