EU says restrictions on immigrants illegal

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

IlieApparently the European Commission have warned UK ministers that restrictions on immigrants are against the law and must be scrapped which means tens of thousands will be able to come here to claim handouts totalling £2.5billion a year.

If French and Italian governments have the guts to round up undesirable immigrants and eject them from their country let’s hope our ToffTory/LibDim coalition can find a bit of intestinal fortitude to tell the European Commission the restrictions are staying but somehow I don’t think they will.

Talking about immigrants watch out for this scam

A Romanian couple have been arrested for trying to con motorists out of money.

A driver was flagged down in Edenbridge, Kent, by a family in a foreign registered car who asked for his help on September 21.

The family said they had run out of fuel and as their bank card had snapped they desperately needed some money for fuel to get to Dover and catch a ferry across the Channel, before driving home.

The man gave them cash and in return they gave him some jewellery, saying they would contact him the next day to pay him back. The Good Samaritan never heard from them again and found the jewellery they left was of little value.

The following day members of rural neighbourhood watch scheme Country Eye called the police about two people trying to flag down passing motorists in Edenbridge.

Officers attended the scene and found a man and a woman, both Romanian nationals with Birmingham addresses, who had a quantity of jewellery in their car. They were arrested on suspicion of fraud but later released on police bail to allow further investigation. Never see that pair again then?


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