Less illegals entering UK…….

Posted: September 26, 2010 in British jobs for British workers

……don’t make me laugh!

Last week Home Office figures revealed that since October last year just 5,369 people were stopped from crossing the Channel at Calais – a reduction of 18,832 from 2008/09.

Kent MEP Richard Ashworth managed to get his face into local papers saying the figures show “the message that the UK border is closed has finally gotten through to the people-traffickers”.

I’ve got another theory though as someone who keeps a regularly eye on the situation.

UK Border Agency under Labour government didn’t seem very active in catching illegals whether in Calais or in the UK in fact leading up to the General Election, which is the period they are talking about, the UKBA website virtually shut down with no reports of illegal workers being caught nor stopped from coming into the UK.
It was only when Labour was defeated at the polls that UKBA sprang back into action.

Their website started regularly reporting illegals caught working. In fact blog readers would have noted that I reported so many I decided to put the UKBA link to the list of employers caught onto the blog to save being completely overwhelmed by these UKBA captures.

If it was true that less illegals are getting through then why are so many illegals being caught on a daily basis now?

For instance

IlieFour illegal immigrants have been caught in the Imperial Court Chinese Restaurant in Westgate, Grantham.

A woman, 35, from Malaysia, was identified as an illegal entrant. She at first claimed to be Chinese but officers checked her fingerprints against a central database of immigration offenders, using new RapID units, attached to their wrists. These checks revealed the woman’s true identity.

Also arrested were a Chinese woman, 19, who had overstayed her student visa and two Chinese men, 25 and 36, who had outstanding asylum claims but no right to work in the UK.

Now get this, the business was not issued with a civil penalty notice because the illegal immigrants were not seen to be working when UK Border Agency officers visited. All four foreign nationals were living above the restaurant.

The UKBA really don’t have any teeth do they, it’s been reported that 1000’s of the fines imposed aren’t even collected.

Here’s another

A raid on a Colchester car wash yesterday and subsequent searches at two Braintree premises uncovered seven Malawian immigration offenders.

Officers from the UK Border Agency’s local immigration team for Suffolk and North East Essex started their shift by visiting Progressive Car Wash in Ipswich Road, Colchester.

Checks revealed that all three men working at the site were immigration offenders, a 34-year-old failed asylum seeker and two visa overstayers aged 36 and 22. The whole business staffed by illegals!

When officers visited the men’s shared accommodation in Victoria Street, Braintree, they found a 29-year-old woman who had overstayed her visa as well as the 34-year-old wife and 10-year-old daughter of one of the car wash workers.

Officers also found documentary evidence at the Victoria Street address of another Malawian national resident there.

Further enquiries revealed that she was working illegally at a care home in Braintree. Officers subsequently arrested the 26-year-old visa overstayer at the Old Deanery Care Village, Deanery Hill.

There’s more

Four illegal workers have been caught in Bedworth and Leamington Spa following raids by the UK Border Agency.

Officers visited the Village Chippy, Leicester Street, Bulkington, Bedworth on 20 September. One man tried to flee the chip shop through a rear door but was caught by officers waiting outside.

The man who tried to escape was identified as a Turkish national, aged 32, who was a failed asylum seeker with no right to remain or work in the UK.

UK Border Agency officers then moved on to the Leamington Fish Bar, Tavistock Street, Leamington Spa. Another Turkish man, 40, was arrested after he was also found to be a failed asylum seeker. He too was arrested and detained.

Whilst in Leamington Spa

Officers also paid visits to two car washes in Leamington Spa on 3 September. At the Spa Hand Car Wash, Court Street, officers caught an Indian man, 27, who had illegally entered the UK, while at the Bubble Hand Car Wash, Lower Street, an Iraqi man, 20, was found to be illegally working he was a failed asylum seeker.


Wednesday, a family of three Indians were found in a Londis shop in the High Street, Broadstairs, Kent. They had been living illegally in the UK with invalid Portuguese passports.

Anyway look at this picture


It shows three or four men burning Korans in Gateshead September 11th.

Should have I gone to Specsavers or has one of the men two heads. Both heads have matching bandanas and face masks. Note colour of headwear and masks aren’t they the colours of the Israeli flag? Doesn’t the man with no head covering look as though he may regularly wear a skull cap?

I love conspiracy theories, now where’s my bacofoil hat?

  1. Kenya visa says:

    Why less immigrants entering UK?

    • percyweller says:

      The whole sentence is ‘Less immigrants entering the UK don’t make me laugh’. I’m suggesting less caught doesn’t equate to less entering the UK. I’m pointing out that UK Border Agency, leading up to the General Election, appeared to be very inactive judging by lack of reports of illegal immigrants being caught.

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