Lithuanians steal tenants’ homes

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Law & Disorder

Gangs of Eastern Europeans are stealing family homes while the proper tenants are out, police say it’s a civil matter!

Residents have told how gangs break into their homes, change the locks and then move in ‘tenants’ who claim squatters’ rights.

Sounds like land based piracy doesn’t it?

The victims return to find Eastern Europeans armed with knives who refuse to let them into their own home; police say they are powerless to act without a court order.

If I threatened someone on my doorstep with a knife I’m sure the police would be straight round with tasers and firearms.

The stand-off whilst court orders are sought means homeowners and tenants have to find somewhere else to stay and face a costly legal battle to reclaim their property.

Angie Belalij lost control of her rented two-bedroom home five months ago after illegal tenants moved in while renovation work was carried out. Mrs Belalij, who lives with her husband Tarik, and son Jake, said she was threatened with a knife by one of the eight Lithuanians who had invaded her home in Barking, Essex.

Her neighbour George Pope, 72, had a similar problem when he stayed with a friend and returned home to find a family had moved in. He could not get inside because the locks had been changed.

A young woman was seen clutching a kitchen knife at the property this week.

Police told him it looked like a civil matter. How is breaking into someone’s home, stealing all their property, running up energy bills in previous tenants names and threatening them with violence a civil matter? Since when has breaking and entering not been a criminal offence?

The Metropolitan Police said it was seeking suspects who are believed to have posed as an estate agents to fraudulently sublet properties.

Talking about east Europeans.

Bulgaria has announced plans to hand passports to more than 500,000 non-EU citizens, giving them long-term rights to live and work in the UK.

Currently Britain has controls on the number of citizens from Bulgaria and Romania who can work here each year but in 2011 the controls end – which is only a few months away. With LibDim Vinnie Cable saying he wants as many migrant workers as possible, I can’t see the controls being extended.

Bulgarian Nationality minister Bozhidar Dimitrov says the new citizens, currently in the Ukraine and Moldova, would be free to come and live in Bulgaria.

But as we are well aware EU border rules mean they could eventually also set up home in other EU countries, including Britain, where the pavements are lined with social benefits.

In the past year alone Bulgaria has issued nearly 80,000 new passports to people who can claim Bulgarian descent, dating back to their grandparents, living in other countries.

As previously reported on this blog similar passports schemes have been launched by Hungary and Romania.

  1. colin says:

    Surely this is aggravated burglary as the burglars are committing criminal damage, theft & threats with bladed implements. The police response is the usual method of fobbing off people so they don’t have to send any of their preciously guarded officers.
    If people were to do this sort of thing to the home of an MP or financier, celebrity or the like, you can bet the boys in blue would be round in force to remove them!

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