It’s our money!

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Broken Britain

IlieToff Nick Clegg is beginning to annoy me, he’s already stated he’s increasing flood aid to Pakistan “dramatically”, now he says he’s going to treble the amount to tackle malaria in Africa to £500 million a year.

Is he a fan of Cheryl Cole who recently caught malaria? My dear old mum used to have a phrase for people like him, she would say “is he all there”?

Not a day goes by without some report in the newspapers about cuts to our public services yet here we have Toff Cleggy throwing our money at foreign countries like confetti.

One of the reasons malaria is so rampart is because corrupt health care workers in Africa sell the drugs to treat the disease on the black market according to tv programme Unreported World due to air next week.


Is it just me, I think the British taxpayer is being mugged off by the government over wind power too.

An array of more than 100 giant turbines towering over the North Sea will be switched on today off the coast of Kent.

It is said that the Thanet farm will be capable of generating up to 300 megawatts (MW) of electricity, enough electricity to power 240,000 homes.

It has cost us £780m and is owned by Swedish company Vattenfall.

But it has been heavily subsidised by the taxpayer which will mean high energy bills in the future to pay for it.

However no wind equals no power, ‘blowing a hoolie’ (a forceful gust of wind) will see the wind farm turned off because the energy created can’t be stored.

It is said that this wind farm will operate at 35% efficiency which surely means the touted figure of 240,000 homes will actually be more like 80,000 homes which at £780m doesn’t seem a cheap source of energy.

Vattenfall also owns the 30-turbine Kentish Flats wind farm, off Herne Bay.

Do we not own any of our energy sources now?


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