Illegal immigrant tried to muscle into the UK

Posted: September 22, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, NHS WATCH

IlieTwo eastern European men were removed from the UK within days of each other after being caught attempting to use forged documents to enter the country illegally at Bristol Airport.

One of the men claimed he was travelling to take part in a body building competition, but when his deception was found out he admitted he was trying to enter the country to work illegally.

The Ukrainian man arrived in Bristol on 11 September aboard a flight from Paris. He produced an Estonian passport, which if genuine would have entitled him entry to the UK as a European Economic Area (EEA) national. He said he intended to take part in a body building competition after doing the same thing in France.

But a detailed examination of the passport by officers revealed it was a forgery.

Following an interview and the discovery of his genuine Ukrainian passport in his bags, oh what a giveaway, the 31-year-old admitted his deception adding that he had paid 10,000 euros for the false document. He claimed he had used it to travel from Ukraine throughout Europe and had never encountered problems with its use before landing in the UK.

After admitting he intended to work illegally in the UK he was removed to France the same day.

Days earlier, on 8 September, UKBA officers had stopped another illegal from using a false document.

A man arrived on a flight from Treviso, Italy, claiming to be from Greece. He presented a Greek identity card at passport control, which officers examined and found to be a forgery.

A baggage search revealed a Greek driving licence which was also identified as a forgery. After admitting he was, in fact, Albanian the 34-year-old was detained overnight and removed to Italy the next day. Returned to sender, let’s have more of that!

Poor passport checks at European airports is cause for concern when Europe is supposed to be on guard against terrorism.

More LibDim Vinnie Cable’s desirables?

An attempt by three Chinese nationals to sneak into Harwich hiding inside a caravan has been prevented.

UKBA officers searched the caravan – which arrived on Thursday 16 September on the 06:30 ferry from the Hook of Holland – they found the would be illegal immigrants hiding inside three separate storage boxes. Two men and a woman – were all in their 30s.

The driver of the K reg Volvo that was towing the caravan, a 35-year-old man, and his two female passengers, aged 22 and 20, were arrested on suspicion of facilitation offences. All three are from Colwyn Bay in Wales. All three have been bailed until January.


IlieFive would-be illegal immigrants hiding amongst boxes of Ferrero Rocher tried to smuggle themselves into Britain.

The smell of over 2,500 boxes of the chocolates wasn’t enough to stop the men being discovered by Benji, a 3 year old body detection ‘sniffer’ dog working with UKBA officers in Calais.

The Romanian registered lorry of chocolates was headed for Lanesfield, Wolverhampton but the illegals, originally from Iran and Iraq, were handed over to the French authorities.

Talking about things that are bad for your teeth, here’s a real dental horror story

A woman was left with green discharge ‘bubbling’ from her teeth after she was convinced to pay £22,000 for cosmetic dentistry, a tribunal heard.

Dentist Alexander Celik was too inexperienced to carry out the work but wanted to ‘improve his CV’, it is claimed.

For full gory details click HERE


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