Seventy-eight bed sore deaths

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Broken Britain, NHS WATCH

IlieScottish Government statistics showed that 78 people have died because of bedsores and pressure sores in Scotland during a five year period.

Parliamentary questions also revealed that there have been 566 cases during the same period where pressure ulcers or sores were mentioned on the death certificate either as the underlying cause of death or as a contributory factor.

Scotland Patients Association chair Margaret Watt blamed the crisis on not having enough staff working in hospitals to ensure people got the care they needed.

It was reported in the Daily Record last week that 1500 nursing jobs have been cut, 670 in Glasgow alone.

It’s one thing saving money but not at the cost of lives.

Talking about Scotland

The plans, for a £100 million, 30 turbine wind farm and forest development at Fauch Hill, 5m south-west of West Calder, were last night presented to the local community at a meeting at the Dalmahoy Hotel, near Edinburgh Airport.

The development is one of three planned for Scotland over the next five years by European Forest Resources, owned by French energy conglomerate the Louis Dreyfus Group.

However, statistics have revealed that wind farms in Scotland produced only 50% of the amount of power they were expected to this year.

£100 million pounds spent with a French owned wind farm company, to power in reality about 20,000 homes if they’re lucky, doesn’t seem value for money to me, spend it on employing nurses.

Talking about wasting money.

I understood ToffTory/LibDim attack on the hard up and elderly benefits plus cuts in services was to stop the country going bankrupt yet Nick Clegg, at the LibDim conference, says that Britain will “dramatically” increase its flood relief to Pakistan from its current £60 million.

Which seems a bit stupid and wasteful when the media has reported that a large percentage of the aid is being filched off to line Pakistani officials’ pockets.


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