Eastern European gangs epidemic says judge

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Law & Disorder

IlieDistrict judge Bruce Morgan was speaking at Worcester Magistrates Court as he sentenced a gang four Romanians to several months in prison for stealing perfumes worth £750 from the city’s Superdrug shop.

Mr Morgan said he was “deeply concerned” about gangs coming to Britain with the sole purpose to commit crimes against vulnerable people, as he sentenced 19-year-old Ceca Dadic to six months in custody.

In court yesterday, Mr Morgan said: “These gangs come for one of two reasons – either to plunder the stalls for expensive items or to steal from the handbags of the vulnerable.”

He said Ionela Baciu, Cristian Tudor, Constantin Radovici and Risu Ilinca were like a number of professional thieves coming to the UK to steal in epidemic levels.

Baciu, aged 27, Tudor, 18, Radovici, 18 and Ilinca, 26, travelled to Worcester from their homes in Birmingham on Wednesday, September 15. Sarah Stock, prosecuting, said a Superdrug security guard spotted the four working in pairs.

“The guard saw Baciu and Ilinca select a number of bottles of perfume, worth £307.92, and place them in a foil-lined bag,” she said. “She also watched as Tudor and Radovici selected £448.89 worth of fragrances and put them into another foil-lined bag.”

Police officers detained the group as they left the shop.

All four later admitted the charges, claiming they did not have employment, and Baciu also said she was funding a £30 a day heroin addiction.

Mr Morgan said: “These four defendants bring the number of defendants from Eastern Europe to 10 I have dealt with in the past week.

“I do not accept for one moment they have come over here to work, they have come over here as members of a professional gang of thieves. “This is organised crime where you all four come from the same country and you are able to find addresses in Birmingham. Two of the addresses given today are identical to two of the addresses of other defendants I have dealt with on other days.”

Baciu, of Willes Road, and Radovici, of Nineveh Road, were sentenced to two months in custody. Ilinca, of Holyhead Road, who was already the subject of a suspended sentence, was sentenced to the eight weeks of his suspended sentence and an additional four months in custody.

Tudor, of the same address in Willes Road, received a caution last week for similar matters and was sentenced to three months in custody.

I wonder if these are the highly skilled migrants Lib/Dim Vinnie Cable says are vital to our economy?

Or these maybe?

UK Border Agency officers, with Metropolitan Police officers and Brent Council staff, visited three addresses in Strode Road, Willesden. north west London at around 06:00 on Thursday 16 September. They found fifty people inside the addresses and in accommodation constructed to the rear, and arrested eleven of them – seven Filipino women, three Chinese men and a Chinese woman – for a variety of immigration offences.

The seven Filipinos and two of the Chinese men remain in detention pending their removal. The other two Chinese nationals were granted immigration bail while travel documents are sought for them, giving them time to disappear to another multiple occupancy house.

By the way

Church of England vicars have received training from UK Border Agency officers to help them identify fraudulent weddings.

The half-day session on 16 September included tips on how to establish whether a relationship is genuine. The clergymen and women from the Diocese of Chelmsford were also shown how to spot fake identity documents and household bills by the agency’s specialist forgery staff.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    LibDim Vince Cable is in danger of having his own phrase applied to him…………from Stalin to Mr Bean……………I suspect that the skills that Mr Cable thinks need importing are firstly the ability to work for a lower salary !

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