Scam to extend immigrant visas

Posted: September 16, 2010 in British jobs for British workers

IlieIndian national Kaseepathi Koka, 42, of Livingstone Road, Hounslow was jailed for 10 years had after admitting charges of fraud, money laundering, conspiring to pervert the course of justice and illegally providing immigration advice during a hearing at Isleworth Crown Court. His 39-year-old wife, Ajitha, admitted conspiring to pervert the course of justice, and was given a 9 month sentence.

A third defendant, Tirunagaraja Prasad Thalla, 32, also of Livingstone Road, admitted a money laundering offence and was jailed for 9 months.

The companies would supply wage slips and transfer temporary ‘incomes’ to applicants’ bank accounts to make it look like they had highly-skilled and well-paid jobs when they applied for a visa extension. The money would subsequently be paid back through bank accounts run by Thalla.

Kaseepathi Koka also supplied forged bank statements and would complete immigration applications on behalf of his clients, despite not being qualified or registered to do so.The trio were thought to be making approximately £250,000 per year from the scam.

In all, it is thought the gang assisted around 100 immigrants to stay in the country. So, let’s hope UKBA hunt them down and deport them.

Modern day slavers

Twenty-two Northamptonshire police officers, led by UKBA officers executed warrants at the Royal Hotel in Market Place and the George Hotel in Sheep Street yesterday afternoon at approximately 16:00. Three Indian men – aged 32, 36 and 36 – were all arrested on suspicion of labour trafficking offences.

It is believed two suspected trafficking victims – both Indian men – were working under duress, against their will, in harsh conditions. They have been taken to a place of safety hopefully to be deported.

All employees were illegals

A Largs restaurant had to close on Friday after all four Indian workers were found to be employed there illegally.

IlieUK Border Agency visited the Koh I Noor in Main Street just after 17:00 on Friday 10 September to question staff and ensure they had the right to work in the UK.

After the immigration status of staff was checked, four Indian men were found working illegally at the business. The restaurant had to close as there were no employees left to operate the business.


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