Footballer was illegal immigrant……

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Law & Disorder

…… all about it!

IlieRomanian, Lorand Borbely, 29, of Church Green Road, Fishtoft, was sentenced to 11 months at Lincoln Crown Court after admitting a string of immigration and deception offences.

Borbely played for Boston Town under the name Laszlo Lovas and admitted entering the UK with a Hungarian passport in that identity in 2004. He then went on to play for semi-professional clubs Deeping Rangers and Boston Town for 6 years under the false identity. He also played for Sunday League champions Magnet Tavern appearing at Anfield in the FA Sunday Cup final in April. He joined the board of Boston Town as a director last year.

UK Border Agency officers mounted a two year investigation into the identity scam that culminated in simultaneous warrants being executed at three addresses in the Boston area on 4 August. Officers swooped on Borbely’s home and arrested him on suspicion of fraud offences.

During the raid on his home, a detector dog sniffed out £6,000 in cash hidden in an alcove behind the kitchen sink pedestal. In total about £14,000 in cash was found at the address.

During the course of the hearing it was revealed that Borbely had in total fraudulently obtained £540,998 which he used to purchase five properties and three cars – two Audi TTs and a Mercedes Benz.

Borbely was charged with entering the UK by deception, three charges of obtaining a mortgage by deception, together with obtaining employment by deception and removing criminal property from the UK. He appeared at Boson Magistrates’ Court on 5 August and was remanded into custody after an application for £50,000 bail was refused.

The court approved an application from the UK Border Agency for the initial detention under the Proceeds of Crime Act of the cash found during the search of the house in Fishtoft.

When he appeared at Lincoln Crown Court on 12 August Borbely pleaded guilty to all the charges and also admitted five charges of fraud, a further deception charge and perverting the course of justice after appearing in court for a speeding offence under his false identity. Borbely will not be deported as Romania is now a member of the EU.

“P*ss up in a brewery” comes to mind

A plane-load of people flew into Britain from Spain without having their documents checked in either country. At Malaga airport the passengers were waived through with no passport checks.

The Ryanair flight left Malaga and flew into Bournemouth, where the 180 passengers walked out of the airport without showing their passports. No officials from the UK Border Agency were at the airport to check the passports when the flight landed.

This is where savings should be made not on poor people’s benefits

IlieKent County Council, redundant staff continue to be paid the salary they received for up to three years if they take up positions on lower grades. This has cost KCC £410,000 already this year.

Surely finding redundant staff another job, saving them from becoming unemployed, is good enough without paying them an inflated wage. What do other staff on the lower grade pay think of working next to somebody who’s getting £1000s more in wages?

Welcome to the lunatic asylum called Britain!


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