Only two years for abusing children

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

IlieKristina Davies, 20, and 23-year-old Ricky Winter, both of Canterbury Road, Margate, only got two-year sentences for eight counts of child neglect.

The charges relate to July last year when the pair were looking after two boys under the age of four. During the time the boys suffered an array of injuries including fractured bones, bruises and bites. Some of the bites were to the children’s private parts.

The expert witness paediatrician stated this was the worst case he had ever encountered in 30 years of practice.

Here’s a doctor ripping taxpayers off!

IlieA doctor ‘ripped off the NHS on a grand scale’ by treating private fertility patients at the public’s expense.

The Fitness to Practise Panel allege that Dr Ekunday Abayomi, a Consultant in Fertility treatment, provided fertility services to private patients at an NHS clinic at the expense of the NHS whilst, in some cases, she was being paid to undertake NHS work and she received payment from the private patients.

It is also alleged that Dr Abayomi did not notify the NHS Trust that she was providing fertility services to private patients at the clinic, obtain the Trust’s permission to do so and she did not ensure the Trust was reimbursed for all the costs incurred. It is further alleged that Dr Abayomi did not ensure that her work at the clinic did not result in the detriment of NHS patients or services or diminish the public resources that are available to the NHS.

In addition, it is alleged that Dr Abayomi caused to be recovered and resold unused prescription medicines from patients at the clinic, that she stored or caused to be stored medicines insecurely and failed to comply with the legal requirements concerning the labelling and supply of medicines.

The Panel will also consider allegations that Dr Abayomi pre-signed blank prescription forms, relied upon nurses to complete them at a later time, that she provided a patient with a private prescription with no quantities of the medicine on it and told the patient to complete the quantities, that she bullied and/or harassed members of Trust staff and that her actions were variously dishonest, misleading, not in patients’ best interest and were capable of putting the patients at risk.

Anyway a very active topic, yes Nigerian sham marriages

IlieJosé Castanheira appeared at Bristol Crown Court on 10 September 2010 and pleaded guilty to introducing a Portuguese woman and a Nigerian man and acting as a witness at their wedding in exchange for cash. He is due to be sentenced at the same court on 1 October.

The sham marriage plot was uncovered after arresting a Nigerian man in January 2010 on suspicion of using false identity documents to work illegally for the NHS in Bristol.

They found that the Nigerian man, who was living in Bradley Stoke, Bristol, had married a Leicester-based Portuguese woman at St Bartholomew’s Church, St Andrews, Bristol, in September 2007.

The Portuguese bride was arrested in February 2010 and told officers during an interview that she had been introduced to her Nigerian ‘husband’ by a friend called Joao Santos – a false identity used by Castanheira.

She said she travelled with ‘Santos’ from Leicester to Bristol on the day of her wedding before returning the same day once the ceremony had taken place.

Investigators found no evidence that the ‘husband and wife’ ever lived together. Santos witnessed and signed their marriage certificate. The pair involved in the sham marriage were bailed seperately but have failed to comply with conditions.

Both continue to be sought for questioning by police and the UK Border Agency. Attempts are being made to locate them in the UK and overseas. Now there’s a surprise, scarpering whilst on bail.

‘Santos’ was arrested in April and during an interview at Bristol’s Trinity Road police station he admitted that his identity was false and he was, in fact, José Castanheira. He said he had entered the UK under his false identity 14 years previously and had been using the name Santos ever since.

Castanheira, aged 35, admitted introducing the bride and groom because the Nigerian man needed a UK visa. He said he received £500 for his role from the bride, who had been paid £3,000.

Castanheira admitted facilitating illegal immigration by helping organise the sham marriage, as well as five further offences:

marrying a woman from Cameroon in 2003 for £3,000 so she could obtain leave to remain in the UK;

providing false documents to the Home Office in support of the immigration application of his Cameroonian wife;

providing his employers in Leicester with false documents to pretend he was Joao Santos;

facilitating illegal immigration by marrying a Nigerian woman in 2008 for payment of £750; and,

bigamy for the above marriages.

Here’s another sham marriage item

A Nigerian woman arrested on 9 September 2010, at the Chelmsford Diocesan Offices on suspicion of sham marriage offences has appeared in court.

Stella Agbala, 22, was remanded in custody when she appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on 10 September 2010.

Agbala, of Deaconess Court, Tottenham, has been charged with possession of a false Nigerian passport, perjury in relation to an application for a marriage licence and overstaying a visa.

She was arrested by UKBA officers from the immigration crime team for the East of England, when she arrived at the Diocesan Offices in New Street to attend an appointment in relation to her marriage licence application.

Agbala was due to marry at St John’s Church, Dock Road, Tilbury, the same church where UKBA arrested five people last month on suspicion of sham marriage offences. An application for bail was refused and Agbala is due to return to Chelmsford Crown Court on 29 November. Hmmm, not another dodgy vicar?

Here’s another Nigerian up to no good

A Nigerian national arrested on Tuesday 7 September, on suspicion of possessing a fake passport has appeared in court charged with fraud.

The 38-year-old man, suspected of being an illegal entrant to the UK, was arrested at a residential address in the Bloomfield area of East Belfast, by a specialist crime team of UK Border Agency and police officers.

Taimo Taofeeq Yusuf appeared at Belfast Magistrates Court on Thursday 9 September, charged with 15 counts of fraud – including possession of a false Nigerian passport. He was remanded in custody until Thursday 23 September.

More illegals stopped

Three would-be illegal immigrants from Iran have been caught trying to sneak into the UK on board a lorry heading for Stansted Airport.
The men were discovered at 01:45 on 1 September after heartbeat detectors used by UKBA officers working at the port of Coquelles in France indicated the presence of stowaways.The officers then entered the German-registered vehicle and found the 3 hiding among a mixed load of freight destined for the airport.


This is where cuts should be made not council services. Kent County Council spent more than £670,000 on mobile phone bills for members of staff and councillors last year.

The authority paid the bill for 6,800 phones used by staff which came to £670,285.14 for the last financial year.
An initial £3,565.27 was spent buying handsets and setting up contracts.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    What sort of judge thought that 2 years was a suitable punishment for these 2 lowlifes. I wish I had been that judge …..I would have given the maximum on all charges and then used the words ‘to run consecutively’
    These bastards won’t even do 12 months !

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