Tories turn the screws on the unemployed

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Broken Britain

IlieToffTories are still banging on about cutting benefits for the unemployed giving the impression these claimants are living the ‘life of Riley’. But in reality benefits maintain people who can’t work on the ‘poverty line’ decided by MPs who earn £60,000+ then expect the taxpayer to pay for their tvs, food, broadband, sky and even their homes.

It’s all very well throwing about sensational figures that an unemployed family are getting £95,000 benefit a year but most of that is taken up by housing benefit for the astronomical rent charged by a council for a house and child benefit which tofftories with children can also claim. Mr Osborne, people don’t actually get the housing benefit money nor do they get to keep the up to £30 a week council tax benefit. It’s all on paper going between computers in government and council offices.

The number of unemployed now economically inactive and receiving benefits is estimated at 5 million people of working age by Osborne’s toff mates which virtually equates to the number of foreigners let into or who have conned their way into our country in the last decade or so who, figures show, take most of the new jobs created.

Yes there are people who have no intention of working but until there are job vacancies to force them into work it will remain so, taking people below the poverty line will not help the situation.

A better idea would be to retrain council workers, who are being given the ‘heave-ho’ from their jobs because of drastic cuts in council budgets, to be employed as benefit fraud investigators to catch those fraudsters who claim to be too ill to work.

If drastic cuts are required there is still the £10 billion this country gives away in foreign aid every year which makes Mr Osborne announcement that benefits cuts which will take people below poverty line but will save £11 billion a year by the end of the Parliament unnecessary.

In a BBC interview, Osborne said that ministers will now seek deeper cuts, reducing welfare spending by another £4 billion.

Mr Osborne said: “We are going to reform out-of-work benefits so there’s a strong incentive for people who can work get work.
“People who think that it’s a lifestyle choice just to stay on out-of-work benefits, that lifestyle choice is going to come to an end.”

Mind you, this didn’t help the unemployment situation.

In one year, the number of citizenship applications rubber-stamped by the last government was almost a quarter of those issued across all 27 EU member states. From 2002 to 2008, the latest period for which full figures are available, the total number of approvals by Home Office officials was 1,008,500.

This too

At Ashmount Primary in Islington, half of ten and 11-year-old pupils are given one-to-one tuition in maths on top of normal lessons. Nothing unusual about that you may say but the pupils at the North London school are taught online by tutors 4,000 miles away in India because Indian graduates are cheaper to hire than home-grown teachers. Presumably benefits for the out of work teachers have been included in the financial assessment of the situation.

Then there are the modern day slavers

Doctor Saeeda Khan, 68, brought a woman from Tanzania and made her work in her home for no wages.

The 50-year-old woman reportedly slept on a mattress on Khan’s kitchen floor. Initially Khan and her late husband Zahid, also a doctor, paid the woman £10 a month but police confirmed that these payments had stopped.

Khan’s home was in Harrow, north London, was raided earlier this year by detectives from the Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command. They were tipped off by a human rights charity. She will face charges of trafficking people for exploitation at Westminster Magistrates Court on Monday.

Anyway here’s your chance to catch illegal immigrants

The UK Border Agency would like to hear from you if you have ever spotted suspicious goings on at small ports, airfields or remote coastal areas near you.

Anyone who has seen suspicious activity along the coast or unusual light aircraft behaviour can reach them 24 hours a day on their hotline – 0800 595000. You can also write to them at Custom House, View Point Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 3RF, or email at . All information is treated as confidential.’

Examples of suspicious activity might include:

Night-time signalling between vessels at sea and people on the shore;

Large vessels being approached by smaller craft;

Items or people being landed in remote coastal areas;

Vessels leaving or arriving at marinas and harbours at irregular times;

Light aircraft operating at night, flying low in darkness and landing in remote places;

Items being attached to marker buoys; and,

Large numbers of passengers embarking or disembarking vessels


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