Traveller’s electricity cut off.

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Law & Disorder

IlieA farm worker driving a tractor across a nearby field discovered an electrical cable buried underground, running for half a mile between an overhead power cable and the travellers site at Orchard Park, Oak Lane, Upchurch, Kent.

EDF disconnected the power line “for safety reasons” after “illegal interference” with electricity supplies.

The travellers say the cable had been laid by EDF almost six years ago, after previous owners of the site, also travellers, paid the company £12,000 to do so. They say the site has changed hands “two or three times” since, so the current owners had no connection with those who fitted the meters and knew nothing about any problems until EDF arrived with the police on August 18.

An EDF said: “EDF Energy Networks has checked its records and has been unable to trace a power connection made to the caravan site in Oak Lane, Upchurch.

She said that if the travellers were able to provide more details, such as an actual date of work, then the company would happily make further inquiries.

More illegals caught by man’s best friend

Six would be illegal immigrants from Vietnam have been caught trying to sneak into the UK onboard an Italian registered lorry heading for Peterborough. The men were discovered at 10:55 on 24 August after a sniffer dog working at the port of Calais in France detected their scent and alerted its handler.

The stowaways were found hiding amongst a load of furniture on the Romanian driven lorry, the illegals were handed over to French border police and the vehicle was allowed to continue to Peterborough.



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