Eritreans targetting UK

Posted: September 8, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

IlieEritreans flooding into our country or the same ones keep being caught? I’ve already done a few items about Eritreans being stopped from entering the UK.

However, five illegal immigrants from Eritrea were caught trying to sneak into the UK on board a lorry, driven by a Polish man, heading for Newton Abbot. The three women and two men were discovered at 04:40 on 25 August after a sniffer dog working at the port of Calais in France detected their scent and alerted its handler they were hiding among a load of mixed goods. One of the negatives of importing goods we could make ourselves.

On Friday 27 August three Eritreans were again sniffed out by a detection dog which discovered the illegals hiding amongst a load of chemicals. The Slovakian-registered lorry, driven by a Slovak national, was travelling to Seaton Delaval, Tyne & Wear.

The stowaways were taken off the vehicle, fingerprinted, photographed, refused entry to the UK and then handed over to the French Frontier Police (Police Aux Frontier) who presumably lets them out of the back door to try again.

Throughout 2009 more than 29,000 illegal attempts to cross the Channel illegally were prevented.


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