Naked man thwarts car thief

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Law & Disorder

………read all about it!

IlieRussell Stuart was woken up by the sound of his own car starting up on Friday at 3.45am. He jumped out of bed, rushed downstairs of his Dymchurch home and saw someone was attempting to steal his Peugeot 405.

The 51-year-old jumped in the car’s passenger seat and said: “All right, mate? Where are we going, then?”

It was only when the would-be thief ran away that Mr Stuart realised he was completely naked.

A Metropolitan Police worker accused of accessing confidential information on the national database and forging prosecution documents will face trial next year.

Babulal Vaja, 59, was stationed at Southall Police station Middlesex, when it is alleged he accessed the files of an unknown man to find out his ‘suspected criminal activities’. Also charged are three members of the public, Surinder Singh, 38, of Scotts Road, Santokah Lalli, 54, of Everest Road and Gurdeep Singh, 33, of Ellison Gardens, who are all accused of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Bus gets parking ticket

A bus driver in Tenterden, Kent, who walked 100 yards down the High Street to get a cup of coffee came back to find his Arriva 12 to Headcorn bus had a parking ticket on it.
It is believed the bus had been ticketed correctly because it was in a clearway, not a normal bus stop. In a clearway buses are only allowed to drop passengers off and pick them up, not park.

Kent Police is one of the top forces nationally for utilising the Proceeds of Crime Act, having already clawed back £2.2 million for the national coffers so far this financial year; but only half of the cash, which represents 17% of the £12.4m total recovered nationally, will now be handed back to the county to spend on local policing.

The money the Home Office does not return to police forces is deposited in a central government fund. You would have thought that with the police facing serious budget cuts all the money would be given back to provide front line policing.

Five illegals in one small restaurant

IlieA Chinese restaurant, The China Inn, in Ely has been caught employing three illegal workers, with two further illegal immigrants found hiding in the upstairs flat.

Two male members of staff attempted to run, but were apprehended before they were able to leave the premises. Do you know that UKBA officers are advised not to give chase if their safety is in question.

Immigration checks subsequently showed that both Malaysian men – aged 31 and 26 – were immigration offenders, having overstayed their visas. A third employee, a 32-year-old Malaysian woman working as a waitress, was also found to have overstayed her visa.

When officers checked the flat above the restaurant two further Malaysian visa overstayers were discovered, a 29-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man.

Talking about Chinese takeaways.

IlieThe New Furamar take-away in Monkton Road, Minster, Thanet has been closed down by Margate Magistrates Court following a spot check by officers from the Environmental Health last week.

Magistrates were given evidence, including 40 photographs. The images showed dirty room and equipment, including a wooden chopping block contaminated with old blood.

Preparation surfaces and a microwave oven, which has been described by the council as ”the dirtiest the officers had ever seen”, were also evident.

Accumulations of old food and debris were found under refrigerators.

No-one at the take-away was adequately trained in food hygiene matters.

There was also a lack of any system to prevent hazards to customers, as was evidenced by meat and rice being found in a back food room, some of which had been left there since the day before.

Magistrates ordered that the premises should not re-open until the business operator complies with a long list of improvements drawn up by Environmental Health Officers.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    I can’t help wondering if it might be more than newsworthy to find a restaurant that doesn’t employ illegals as it seems to be so common!
    As for the New Faramar….I can only say…..YOU DIRTY BASTARDS!

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