Drink driving councillor

Posted: September 3, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain

A Tory councillor has been charged with drink driving for second time in two weeks.

IlieHe is a member of Thanet council and lives in Westgate-on-Sea although he has represented the Bradstowe ward in Broadstairs for three years.

Have you noticed that most local councillors don’t actually live in the wards they represent, that’s because they don’t want people knocking on their doors with problems, but hold up shouldn’t councillors experience poor council services and living conditions that affect their electors?

I always thought to stand for election, candidates must either live in the electoral area and be registered to vote there, or have some other close connection with the area, like working there. It seems though that the term electoral area covers some distance away from wards themselves.

Anyway he was charged yesterday (September 2) with being in charge of a motor vehicle while above the alcohol limit. This latest charge relates to an incident that occurred on August 11.

Cllr Cameron reckons that “It does not affect my ability to be a councillor”, au contraire me ‘old china plate’ being a bit of a drinker may affect how you vote on council policy or whether you kill one of your constituents while driving under the influence of alcohol. The total disregard of law and order should be enough to make you resign immediately!

Cllr Cameron originally was arrested in a hire car outside Tesco Extra in Margate Road, Broadstairs.

He will appear before magistrates on Friday, September 10, to face both charges.

Whilst on my soapbox

It’s all very well targetting small businesses but it seems employment agencies are the worst offenders for employing illegals, I think is time for an all out campaign on agencies!

UKBA officers visited Colchester station late on 20 August where they arrested three people as they arrived for overnight shifts cleaning trains.

Two of the offenders were removed from the UK on Wednesday on 25 August. The Namibians a 34-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman had both overstayed their visas. The third offender a 36-year-old Kenyan man was also arrested for overstaying his visa.

All three offenders were agency workers and not directly employed by the rail operator but surely the rail operator should check whether staff working on their premises have work permits?
Doesn’t the terror alert apply to public transport?

Government policy says schools have to check whether parents and visitors to their premises have been CRB checked but then again there aren’t do-gooders earning money from human rights for illegals for authorities to contend with.


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