Labour wasted millions on health advertising campaigns

Posted: August 29, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

IlieOver £350m of taxpayers’ money was spent by the Labour government on health campaigns urging the public to drink and eat less, exercise more and practice safe sex.
The new figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, show that Department of Health spending on advertising rose from £2 million in 1997 to £59 million this year.

Also, loads of NHS quangos and Primary Care Trusts paid millions more for separate publicity and marketing campaigns advising the public to change their habits.

The campaigns included a cinema advertisement which showed a pregnant young girl vomiting into a lavatory, and wishing she had practised safe sex, “know your units” leaflets advising people on safe alcohol intake, and the 5-a-day campaign advising people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

During the period, male drinking patterns have barely changed, while the number of women drinking more than Government levels has risen sharply.

Levels of sexually transmitted infections have more than doubled, reaching a record high last year of 482,696. Obesity levels have reached epidemic proportions, with one quarter of adults now classed as obese, while among children almost one third are overweight or obese.

I blame Labour for the rise in obesity. Mickey taking is a British trait and has been with us for centuries but Labour’s draconian laws banning free speech, in case it hurts people’s feelings, or not being able to refuse employment to people who are clearly too unhealthy for the duties of a job has exasperated the situation.

How many obese people, in the past, went on a diet because they were called ‘Billy Bunter’, ‘lard arse’ or described as ‘Michelin Man’? How many people went on a diet to get healthy when applying for an active job?

I recently saw a clearly overweight paramedic trying to keep up with the leading stretcher bearer going onto a football pitch. It looked like something out of a slapstick film.

Stolen passports found

UK Border Agency’s London immigration crime team carried out raids on properties in Keswick Gardens, Wembley, and St Paul’s Avenue, Willesden Green, on Friday 20 August after discovering two packages of suspected stolen Lithuanian passports by UK Border Agency officers working at the Mount Pleasant postal sorting office in London.

Dozens of official documents including passports, driving licences and identity cards were seized during searches.

At the address in Keswick Gardens, two people were arrested: Vasily Kovbas, a 35-year-old Ukrainian man, and Ewa Marfijana, a 40-year-old Ukrainian woman.

At the address in St Paul’s Avenue, Vladimir Kurlovich a 39-year-old naturalised British citizen was arrested. My view is once a naturalised British citizen is convicted of a crime they immediately lose the right to be a British citizen.

Anyway all three suspects were later charged with offences under the Identity Cards Act, and appeared before Hendon Magistrates on Saturday 21 August. They were remanded in custody, and are due to appear before Harrow Crown Court on 22 October.

At least that’s a few dozen faceless foreigners who won’t be walking our streets.

IlieIt never ceases to amaze me where illegal workers are being found, tucked away in a tiny takeaway in Kilmarnock three Pakistani were arrested at the Shah’s Palace in John Finnie Street just after 17:00 on Thursday 19 August.
Here’s my advertising campaign to stop employment of illegal workers, much more important than Labour ex-government’s health campaigns.

Anyone who suspects that illegal workers are being employed at a business can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where anonymity can be assured or visit the Crimestoppers website.

  1. kovbas vasily says:

    it is not complitly tru,becouse i am not gealty!

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