UKBA stop sham wedding

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Law & Disorder

IlieA bride and groom were arrested at the altar on suspicion of being involved in a fake marriage scam when the UK Border Agency burst into their ceremony in Tilbury and arrested the whole wedding party.

It is thought the bogus marriage had been arranged so the groom, a Nigerian national, could get a visa to stay in the UK, while the bride, pictured below, was paid up to £2,000 for her services.

Notice racial makeup of the ‘Dutch’ bride from Barking who spoke limited English as did her not future husband.Ilie

The priest, Father Tim Codling, contacted police and the Border Agency who set up the sting at St John the Baptist Church in Dock Road, Tilbury after he became suspicious about the marriage after the groom supplied them with two different addresses on marriage paperwork.

Wednesday morning as the bride and groom arrived at the church, a team of immigration officers from the agency, backed up by police, hid in the vestry. Father Codling, who played along, waited at the altar for the couple to walk down the aisle.

Then, as the wedding should have started, officers ran into the church and arrested the bride and groom as they stood at the altar. Their two witnesses were also arrested.

The man thought to have set up the fake marriage was waiting outside the church and ran off as he saw officers approach. Chased by police, he jumped over a six-foot fence before officers finally caught up with him as he landed on the railway line.

The group was taken to Grays police station where they were questioned on suspicion of conspiracy to facilitate immigration offences.

To read what Father Codling has to say on the matter.

Talking about foreigners

Two Polish electricians arrived at 70-year-old Stella Sheen’s council house in Islington, north London, to check if her wiring was safe. When she asked to read the electrical safety report on her house Stella was told it was pointless as it was written in Polish. So, how do they know what the safety requirements are if they can’t read or write English?


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