Perks for ex-armed forces personnel….

Posted: August 24, 2010 in General

………..or are they?

Armed forces veterans are set to receive free public transport, better schools for their children and the opportunity to retrain as teachers under plans being drawn up by ministers to restore the military covenant.
Why ToffTories feel that retraining as a teacher is a reward beats me.
Anyway, Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, is currently drawing up a package of new perks and benefits for those who have left the armed forces over the past 20 years.

Plans being considered by Mr Fox include five years free bus and train travel, subsidised loans to buy homes and grants for university education.

Up to 70,000 soldiers who have served on the front line since 1990 will be eligible for this perks package. However, there is a catch, in return for this preferential treatment over normal taxpayers, retiring soldiers will have to stay longer on the Service Register – the list of personnel who can be recalled for service.

So, free public transport and better schools for your children or another chance to be killed or maimed in some godforsaken foreign country?

You decide!


The UK Border Agency certainly have been pro-active in hunting down illegal workers since Labour left office.

Most of illegal workers are found in the catering business but it seems no industry is free of them.

Three illegal workers were caught following a UK Border Agency raid on Tarmac Central Ltd, Mancetter Quarry, at 13:00 on 10 August near Atherstone in Warwickshire.

Three Indian males were found to be illegally working as HGV drivers at the quarry. Two of them, aged 42 and 41, had overstayed their visas, and a 30-year-old man had entered the UK illegally.

Doesn’t that mean that that they couldn’t possibly have had valid HGV licences? Surely this is more than just a case of employing cheap labour, members of the public could have been killed by these illegal drivers.

The illegal workers were employed by haulage companies contracted by Tarmac Central Ltd. Bermuda Haulage employed two of the men and was issued with an on-the-spot warning that it could be fined up to £20,000 for recruiting the men.

BHK Haulage was warned that it may be fined £10,000 for employing 1 illegal worker.

It seems to me that when a migrant loses his job he should be made to return to his country.

That way we wouldn’t have shanty towns springing up in places such as Peterborough nor would be have them turning to crime.

Drug addict Tomas Ferko was caught red-handed stealing toiletries from Boots by security staff.

Slovakia-born Ferko, 19, of Athlestan Road, Margate, was jailed for 40 days after he admitted stealing from the store at Westwood Cross.

Margate magistrates heard that Ferko intended to sell the stolen goods to buy heroin. Ferko gave a false name when arrested and was in breach of a conditional discharge imposed by the court earlier this year.


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