Tories to let old people die of cold……

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

… saves money.
IlieTories are already set to throw old people out of their homes because they have a room too many for their needs, now to encourage them to move before they send in the Rehousing Enforcement Police they are going to freeze old people out of their homes.

Older people will have to wait at least six years longer to receive winter fuel payments, under government plans to cut the welfare bill.
Ministers have resolved to increase the qualifying age for the annual payment from 60 to at least 66.
The basic winter fuel payment, made to more than 12 million people, will also be cut by £50 for new recipients and £100 for the oldest. The move comes despite a pre-election promise from David Cameron to safeguard benefits for the elderly, including winter fuel payments.

Liberal Democrat ministers, led by Nick Clegg, are pushing for the qualifying age to go even higher.

Some suggest that, ultimately, only those aged 75 and over should receive winter fuel payments. That would bring the benefit in line with free television licences.

No mention of the disabled being exempt from these vicious cuts maybe they are hoping they will die of hypothermia so Toff/Tories can save Disability Living Allowance too.

Here’s the first old person to be evicted from his home

IlieAn 83-year-old pensioner who has lived in the same council house for 74 years is being evicted after the death of his sister left him living alone.

Edward Meakins fears moving out of his life-long home will kill him but Barnet Council wants to use the three-bedroom property for one of the rising number of families needing large council homes.

He moved into the house in Cricklewood, north-west London, with his parents and four siblings in 1936 but is now the only resident after his sister Margaret died in May.

Following her death, he signed a temporary contract taking on the rights and responsibilities of the former tenant, but has since been told this will run out in six months.

‘I moved here when I was nine, which was 74 years ago, and I don’t think it is fair that after I have lived here for that long I should go and live in a flat. This has been my life in this house since I was nine. Why do they want to turn me out? I don’t suppose I have got many more years to go, so why can’t they just leave me here until I die?’

At least leave him there for the winter when David Camerons new policy to cut heating payments will probably finish the old man off!

Meanwhile a gunman walks free.

A Romanian homeless man who brandished two loaded handguns in the street while drunk walked free from court today (Tues).

Shocked onlookers saw Gabi Knill, 31, toting a .22 calibre pistol and a snub nose revolver before he was arrested in Clapton, east London. Where on earth does a homeless man get two guns from?

Fancy a Chinese

A Chinese restaurant which was described of having “almost non-existent hygiene controls” has been fined more than £11,500 for a string of breaches of health and safety regulations.

Dirt was found throughout, Toto Experience Ltd owned, Kings Hill Palace eaterie in Liberty Square, West Malling when inspectors made a routine inspection on March 15.

The court heard an inspection by Tonbridge & Malling council’s environmental health team found dirt, grease and large build-ups of food debris in several locations including the kitchen floor, walls, the walk-in chiller and freezer, the food preparation table, food storage bins, the kitchen sink taps and shelves. Containers were also said to have a build-up of dried food, and a chopping block was used for both raw meat and cooked chicken.

The inside of an ice machine contained black and pink growths and slime.

Steven Ly, company secretary of Toto Experience Ltd and Manager of Kings Hill Palace, pleaded guilty to the four offences.

Toto Experience Ltd was fined £3,000 for the first offence, £3,500 for the second, £4,000 for the third and £1,000 for the fourth, plus a £15 victim surcharge and £2,123 costs, giving a total of £13,638.

Illegal workers found in beauty salon

IlieWe’re used to catering businesses employing illegals it’s almost the norm but a Beauty Salon.

UKBA went to Sam’s Hair and Beauty Studio on Chalvey Road, Slough, on the afternoon of Wednesday 11 August.
An 18-year-old male Iraqi failed asylum seeker was arrested, as were two women aged 26 and 40 from India and Pakistan who had both overstayed their visas. The Iraqi and Indian both remain in detention pending their removal from the UK, while the Pakistani woman was granted immigration bail while UKBA seek to get travel documents so that she can be deported or disappear into the world of illegals, whichever comes first.


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