Tories’ “greenest government ever”…

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

……don’t make me laugh!

IlieCuts to a scheme which rewards farmers who encourage biodiversity are being proposed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which is expected to have to slash up to 40% from its budget by 2014.

The Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) subsidy, which is paid to thousands of farmers, faces being cuts. It is claimed about 3,500 more farms were due to sign up to the scheme in the next 12 months but many of those agreements may ‘go down the river’.

Farmers are paid thousands of pounds through the scheme for such improvements to the countryside as restoring hedgerows, which provide habitats for birds and other forms of wildlife. The HLS subsidy is typically worth about £20,000 a year to farmers and agreements are put in place for 10 years. Currently, just over 5,100 deals are in place and supposedly should not be affected by any possible cuts.

The subsidy is run by Natural England, the Government’s principal nature conservation agency, which could lose 400 jobs next year, equivalent to one sixth of all its staff.

It is rumoured the department will also hope to make savings through the sell-off of at least some Forestry Commission land and the transfer of national nature reserves, which are expensive to maintain, to other groups such as the Woodland Trust and the RSPB. Natural England currently owns or manages about two-thirds of England’s 224 designated national nature reserves.

Defra has one of the smallest departmental budgets – about £3 billion a year, campaigners claim that as a result there is little of the wastage that might exist in larger departments.

You don’t have to watch the video, I’ve just put it on in case you don’t believe me that Downing Street David said “greenest government ever”.

Tough on illegal immigrants don’t make me laugh about that either

IlieIn the past, on this blog, I’ve reported on businesses employing illegals but it is so widespread it’s not news any more it has become the norm for businesses to employ illegal workers even though they supposedly face fines of £10,000 per person whereas in fact the actual fine is usually half this figure.

It’s obviously no deterrent, so much so that July’s UKBA’s ‘name and shame’ list has 45 pages of caught businesses, bear in mind this is only the tip of the iceberg – UKBA can’t visit every business in the UK if they could goodness knows how many pages that would take up.
I wonder how many of our unemployed could come off the dole if there was a real clampdown on this illegal practice.

Anyway in future this blog will only report on the more interesting raids. I’ve added the UKBA link to the right of the blog so you can see whose been caught in your area.

A Romford man was today found guilty of manslaughter at Croydon Crown Court after a deadly batch of cocaine disguised in a rum bottle was smuggled into the UK and unwittingly consumed by a taxi driver.

Lascelle Malcolm unknowingly consumed the Class A drug which had been brought through border controls at Gatwick airport by close friend, Antoinette Corlis. Corlis had been asked to carry what she believed to be a bottle of rum on a flight from St Lucia. In fact, the bottle contained 8.7oz of pure cocaine dissolved into alcohol.

Martin Newman was found guilty of manslaughter and importing a Class A drug. He has been ordered to serve a total of twenty years imprisonment.

I’ve heard of fruit in yoghurt, I’m quite partial to it myself but I’ve never had an illegal immigrant in one.

Eight stowaways have been caught trying to sneak into the UK in the back of a lorry carrying yoghurt to a depot in Milton Keynes. The 8 men from Vietnam, Iran and Afghanistan were discovered in the early hours of 8 August after UK Border Agency officers working at the port of Calais in France searched a German registered vehicle. They had noticed the trailer wasn’t secured properly and found the men hiding inside the load.

Talking about Vietnamese

Zdenek Vildner, 32, from the Czech Republic has been sentenced to 2 years in prison at Canterbury Crown court for smuggling 6 Vietnamese nationals into the UK. I think that sentence should be 2 years per person to deter these people traffickers.

On the 17 April 2010, UK Border Agency officers in Dover stopped a Czech registered Mercedes van. Officers unloaded the van, including 6 black boxes which initially appeared to be large stage speakers stacked one on top of the other.

On closer examination, officers discovered 6 Vietnamese nationals – 5 men and 1 woman – concealed 1 to a box. Each had been screwed shut from the outside. Pity the speakers weren’t going to be used by heavy metal group Motorhead!

On sentencing Vildner, on 29 July 2010, the court also recommended he be deported after serving his sentence. Deporting an EU citizen, can’t see that happening can you? The 6 stowaways were interviewed and removed from the UK the same day.


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