Slavers to lose their loot

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Law & Disorder

IlieA couple who were jailed for trafficking immigrants to work in their Worthing care homes look set to lose their £450,000 profit from this modern day version of slave trading.

Shamila and Anbanaden Chellapermal of Queens Gate, London, were each found guilty of human trafficking and knowingly employing illegal workers but were only sentenced to two years in prison. The investigation started after information was received that a Mauritian woman working at a nursing home in Worthing was being exploited.

UK Border Agency’s enquiries revealed that three women and a man had been recruited by an employment agency in Mauritius and brought to the UK by the Chellapermals. They were then forced to work for up to 90 hours a week for only £450 a month, were not allowed to leave the homes unescorted, and were even prevented from seeing doctors.

The Mauritian-born couple were charged in 2008 and eventually convicted in June 2009 following a three week trial at Chichester Crown Court.

Following their convictions, financial investigators from Sussex Police worked to identify money and property earned by the couple. £450,000 was confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act at Inner London Crown Court. They will also have to pay £25,000 costs.

Talking about illegals

IlieUKBA visited Manchester Superstore on Cannon St. Bolton on Thursday 5 August and questioned staff to ensure they had the right to work in the UK.

Of the 16 employees who were on site at the time of the visit, three Pakistan nationals aged 36, 35 and 23 and a 43 year old Afghan national were arrested, on suspicion of illegal entry and breach of visa conditions.

Talking about foreigners with jobs

Figures show that a record number of non-Britons started work in Britain between April and June. Labour market figures showed that 186,000 people started work – of which 145,000 were foreign and just 41,000 were British – in the three months to June 30.

The total number of foreigners in employment – 3.85 million – is also at a record high, and amounts to one in seven of the workforce, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Police move demonstrating pensioner so travellers can trespass

IlieA pensioner who tried to stop travellers trespassing on a park in a conservation area was ordered to move by police, only for around 30 caravans to then move onto the site.

After seven caravans had moved on to the historic site in the shadow of a 13th century church under cover of darkness after removing part of a wooden fence rail at its boundary. Isn’t that a crime, damaging property? The pensioner had laid down across the missing section as five more caravans arrived at the site yards from his home. At one point the 70-year-old man was on the ground with his face almost touching the wheels of a truck towing a caravan which had stopped with its bumper over his head.

The caravans moved a short distance away while police guarded Yardley Old Park in Yardley, Birmingham. But after 30 minutes officers left, allowing the mainly Irish travellers access to the beauty spot which is bordered by the medieval Old Grammar School and Grade I listed St Edburgha’s Church, which dates back some 800 years.

This is where ToffTory/LibDim can save money instead of cutting our services

Council Chief Trevor Doughty, 54, quit his £140,000-a-year post and was given a golden handshake of the same amount and a £266,400 top-up for his pension pot. Exactly a fortnight later, the former social worker joined another council on the same salary. This is a time when the authority is having to sack 1,000 workers and cut services.

The payout was signed off before officials knew he had taken up a post at Cornwall County Council, which had been advertised for several months before Mr Doughty announced he was ‘retiring’.


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