Immigration officer produced passports to order.

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Law & Disorder

Maybe ToffTory/LibDim should set their new bounty hunters onto seeking out criminal elements in public office.

An immigration officer who made tens of thousands of pounds by selling British passports has been jailed for four years.

Baptist Deacon Arthur Thallapally, 40, produced passports to order while working for the Home office Identification and Passport Services (IPS). An internal investigation revealed the Deacon at Central Baptist Church illegally issued at least 15 passports between 2005 and 2008 to applicants from India, Pakistan and China.

When police raided his East Ham home, they found a further 10 applications, as well as stolen details of solicitors and police officers to be used as counter-signatories on the forms and £2,900 in banknotes.

Further investigation revealed the £18,000 a year high ranking civil servant had made £32,800 of unexplained cash payments into his bank accounts over the same period.


If you go down into the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise, especially if it’s in Peterborough

Migrant workers who no longer have jobs have been found sleeping rough in 15 makeshift homes in woodland and beauty spots across Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Several groups have created sites with tents, fires and makeshift shacks in nature reserves, parks, and even the middle of busy roundabouts. Previously residents have found them in back gardens and sheds.

The never ending list of businesses using illegal workers

Five foreign nationals have been caught following a UK Border Agency raid on a Thai restaurant in Ironbridge Gorge.

IlieUKBA visited Sam Cottage, Tontine Hill in Ironbridge at 1800 on Wednesday 4 August, questioning staff to ensure they had the right to work in the UK.
Of the six staff on site only one, a British national, was entitled to work. The other five were Chinese nationals who were illegally working. One worker was a known immigration offender who had previously served a prison sentence for cultivating drugs. He was arrested and detained while the agency takes steps to remove him from the UK as soon as possible.

The remaining four illegal workers were granted immigration bail and will have to regularly report to a UK Border Agency office or police station. Mind you nothing stops them from clearing off and working illegally somewhere else does it?
Sam Cottage was issued with an on-the-spot warning that they could be fined up to £50,000 for employing the men, but does anyone actually pay these fines?

Seven illegal workers have been found at Devon businesses following a series of raids by UKBA.

Starting early in the afternoon on 4 August, officers from the agency went to Monsoon restaurant, The Underfleet, Seaton, and checked the immigration status of staff. A 31-year-old Bangladeshi man was found to have stayed in the UK illegally after his visa had expired.

Officers then went to Rajpoot, Harbour Road, Seaton, where a 36-year-old Bangladeshi man was found working illegally. He had also overstayed his visa.

Later in the afternoon, Golden Horn kebab shop in Fore Street, Exeter, was visited. A 20-year-old Afghan man was found working illegally. He was a failed asylum seeker who had not left the UK as required when his claim for protection was turned down.

In the evening, officers went to Wan’s, Buddle Lane, Exeter, where a Chinese man was found working illegally.

They then visited Red Rose restaurant, North Street, Exeter, where two Bangladeshi men aged 24 and 36 were found working illegally having overstayed their visas.

Finally, officers targeted Taj Mahal, High Street, Budleigh Salterton where a 28-year-old Bangladeshi man was working illegally. He is believed to have entered the UK illegally.

Of the seven offenders, six were arrested and taken to Exeter police station where they were being questioned further on Thursday.

The Chinese offender from Wan’s was stopped from working and dealt with at the scene. He has made an immigration application which is being dealt with by the agency, but does not have permission to work while it is pending. He didn’t have permission before but that didn’t stop him.

Two illegal workers have been arrested following a raid at a Chinese restaurant in Fantasy Island, Skegness..

Officers visited the Beijing Chinese Buffet, Fantasy Island in Sea Lane at 1325 on 27 July.

They arrested two Chinese males, aged 22 and 24, who were working as cooks. Both men had entered the UK illegally and were detained while the agency takes steps to remove them from the country as soon as possible.

Getting caught with one illegal worker could be construed as bad luck but when business owners have a workforce that is nearly 100% illegal it’s time to start talking prison sentences for these employers of illegal workers. You’re not telling me UKBA are actually going to get the £50,000 or £60,000 fines out of these back street businesses, it’s more likely the owners will declare themselves bankrupt and open up under another name and family member running them.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland

UKBA and seconded police officers visited an address in the ‘Village’ area of the Donegall Road, Belfast, at dawn on Tuesday 3 August and questioned the occupants about immigration and other matters. One man is suspected of having overstayed the conditions of his entry visa and the other is suspected of being an illegal entrant to the UK.

Two male Nigerian nationals aged 45-years-old and 30-years-old were arrested and taken to Musgrave Street police station for further interview concerning both immigration and serious fraud offences.


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