David Cameron’s Bounty Hunters

Posted: August 10, 2010 in BIG BROTHER


I’m all for catching benefit fraudsters but giving access to the Government’s database of incapacity and housing benefit claimants to private companies seems a massive invasion of privacy open to abuse.

These glorified bounty hunters will be able to cross-check information about private household spending, such as utility bills, mobile phone payment details and satellite television subscriptions, against benefit records to identify potential fraudsters.

This will surely lead to opportunities for employees of these bounty hunting companies to conjure up frauds of their own. Remember yesterday’s item on the council fraud investigator who had away £200,000 in his own scam. It won’t take long for criminal elements to infiltrate these companies or even set one up themselves. I predict stealing people’s identity to become a growth industry.

The whole idea seems a bit rich coming from a parliament riddled with seemingly untouchable expenses fraudsters.

By the way

The number of council houses given to immigrants has increased by 10% in only a year to nearly 10,000. Official figures show nearly one in every 15 newly-available homes let by a council or housing association went to a foreign national. No wonder Toff/Tories want to throw old people out of council houses, they need more homes for immigrants.


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