Council fraud investigator had fraud of his own

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

IlieDowning Street David says drastic public spending cuts will mean the axe for “some things that we genuinely value” – the government would be “socially responsible” in finding massive savings across Whitehall but said it had a “duty” to cut back.

That’s all very well but surely commonsense would shout out cut the annual £10 billion foreign economic and military aid first!

The article below shows how his cuts are going to affect non-car owners, e.g. Tory designated poor people, on the Isle of Sheppey.

The road distance between Leysdown and Chatham court is about 25 miles.


Meanwhile as Rome burns a council fraud investigator steals off the taxpayer.

Badrul Islam was actually conducting a scam of his own. In 18 months he diverted £200,000 in ghost ‘rent’ payments to two landlords.

Islam, 46, had joined Newham council, in East London, in 1994. He was made a senior benefits officer and was later in charge of overseeing payments in the benefits office.

However, three years ago an internal audit uncovered a series of back-dated claims to two local property agents. Investigators discovered that Islam had created a series of claims in the names of people who had previously been claimants but were no longer receiving money.

Islam also reactivated dormant claims but instead of sending the money to individual landlords, he diverted large amounts to the offices of property agent and landlord Dulal Haque, 40, and to his friend Moinuddin Ahmed, also a landlord.

A council source said: “The fraud was simple and clever. These people had once claimed but were not claiming in May 2007. All Islam had to do was reactivate their names and make sure Haque and Ahmed got the cash.”

In almost two years Islam diverted £125,000 to Haque, who ran estate agencies in Forest Gate, East London. He also sent £71,934 to Ahmed, 54, who ran a property agency in nearby East Ham.

Islam, of Stratford, East London, was jailed for two years and four months, Haque, of Forest Gate, for 12 months and Ahmed, of Manor Park, for 14 months.

A two year prison sentence which will be cut in half, what sort of deterrent is that. Until we start dishing out harsher sentences for thieves who rob the taxpayer this sort of fraud is going to carry on. As my old police sergeant would say “if things don’t change they stay the same!”


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