Points on driving licence for destroying woman’s life.

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Law & Disorder

Beryl Willoughby, 88, was walking to the shops when suddenly a car left the road, crossed a grass verge, went onto the pavement, knocked down Mrs Willoughby and ended up smashed into a tree.

After the incident which occured in Minster Road, Westgate, Kent she was flown to Kings College Hospital with a head injury and broken leg. She was there and then QEQM, Margate hospital for three months before being discharged. Unfortunately she is now unable to look after herself and was put into a care home.

Mrs Willoughby, now suffering from memory problems due to head injury, has had to sell her house and because the broken leg won’t mend has to walk with the aid of a zimmer frame.

The car driver Marcus Potter, 18 years-old, from Birchington was convicted of driving without care and attention. He was fined and received points on his licence.

ASDA airbrushing pictures on packaging?

Look at the picture on the box of a cake it shows what is described on the box as “a light sweet dusting” but beneath is the picture of the actual cake no sweet dusting in sight. Misrepresented or what?

I know some of you people in the know will say the castor sugar has been put on the cake whilst it is still warm. That’s not the point is it. Last year I complained about a similar cake with ‘no sweet dusting’ and was told if I took the cake back to the store they would refund the money. Obviously it’s more economical to refund disgruntled customers money than change the picture on the box.



More illegals caught, obviously a £10,000 fine is not harsh enough that’s if anyone actually pays it.

IlieUKBA visited Mr Chips on Sutcliffe Avenue, Grimsby on Tuesday afternoon (3 August), and questioned staff to ensure they had the right to work in the UK. Of the six employees who were on site at the time of the visit, two Pakistan nationals were arrested for immigration offences.

Acting on information received, UKBA went to Saffron restaurant, on Queen Street, Torquay and checked the immigration status of staff. As officers entered, two men fled from the restaurant and tried to hide in accommodation upstairs before being located.

After checks were made it was found that six men, all from Bangladesh, were working at the restaurant illegally. Three of the men are suspected to have entered the UK illegally and two had stayed in the country after their visas expired. The sixth man was in the UK legally but was working in breach of his visa conditions.

Officers then went to Hoi Shan, also on Queen Street. There a 34-year-old Chinese woman and 44-year-old Chinese man were found working illegally. The pair were both found to be failed asylum seekers who had remained in the UK illegally after their claims for protection were turned down. That’s what happens when illegals are put on bail and not shipped out straightaway.

The arrests in Newton Abbot came on the same day as six immigration offenders were found at two businesses in Paignton when officers found four Chinese men – all failed asylum seekers – in accommodation above the Honeymoon restaurant in Church Street.

At Nail Art in Hyde Road a Vietnamese man and woman were found to have no right to work in the UK.

At least not all illegals make it to the UK

Five would-be illegal immigrants have been prevented from reaching Somerset after they were found hiding in a lorry full of grapefruit in Northern France. The stowaways were detected by a sniffer dog as the vehicle was preparing to board a UK-bound ferry in Dunkirk. The men from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq were detained before being handed over to the French border police, following the incident at 0820 on Friday 30 July.

More sham marriages too

Two men arrested in connection with an investigation into suspected sham marriages at a church in East London have been released on police bail pending further enquiries. The pair, aged 54 and 43, were arrested by officers from the UK Border Agency’s London immigration crime team at their home addresses in Forest Gate and Barking on Tuesday 3 August.

Searches also took place at two churches, All Saints and St Edmunds in Forest Gate. Officers are now examining items seized during those searches. The 54-year-old man has been bailed to return to a police station in East London on 27 October, while the 43-year-old man has been bailed until 20 October.

Keep you eye on this case

Neville Sprague, who was a chief immigration officer, accuses his former bosses at the UK Border Agency of turning a blind eye to sham marriages.


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