Only 18 weeks prison for robbing 88 year old

Posted: August 6, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

A convicted Romanian pickpocket was jailed for only 18 weeks for stealing an 88-year-old woman’s life savings.

IlieLinica Dudu, 32, and nephew Nicusor Ciornei, 21, were part of a team of thieves who preyed on vulnerable bank and building society customers in the East End.
The pair stalked frail Helen Hanafee as she queued at Barclays in Walthamstow to withdraw her £5,000 life savings so she could buy a treat for her grandchildren.

Eighteen weeks prison and keep the £5,000, that equates to £277 a week or £555 a week if she is let out half sentence. Crime doesn’t pay, don’t make me laugh!

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard Dudu and Ciornei struck as Miss Hanafee was driven by her nephew Steven Stewart to Walthamstow Central railway station’s car park. Dudu distracted the couple by repeatedly asking for directions while Ciornei scurried around Mr Stewart’s van and helped himself to Miss Hanafee’s valuables. Ciornei snatched the cash, Miss Hanafee’s passport, valuables and a £130 cheque belonging to Mr Stewart.

After the theft in March this year, Dudu spent Miss Hanafee’s money on airline tickets to pay for her three children to travel to the UK and settle here.

Unbelievably Judge Louise Kamill not only jailed Dudu for just 18 weeks but gave Ciornei an eight-week prison sentence suspended for one year. Dudu has been in Britain for three years and was jailed for eight weeks in December 2007 for two pickpocketing offences.

Meanwhile in Romania the President is well pleased Romanians are in Britain

IlieIn a tv broadcast Romanian president Traian Basescu publicly thanked the tens of thousands of his countrymen who claim benefits in the west instead of their own country. He paid tribute to the two million Romanians who live and work abroad instead of signing up for benefits at home.

“Imagine if the two million Romanians working in Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, came to ask for unemployment benefits in Romania, when we already have deficits at the unemployment funds,” he said during the interview on the state-run channel TVR. “So to these people we have to thank them for what they are doing for Romania,” he added.

Romanians workers flooded into Britain with other eastern European citizens after joining the EU. When they they arrive the immigrants are immediately entitled to child benefit, Tax Credits and housing support. After 12 months in Britain they can receive income-related benefits like unemployment benefit. In Romania, they would receive just 20 GBP a week for 12 months.

Talking about foreigners

Note change to small font as there are so many items on illegals I might run out of space!

IlieUKBA visited several restaurants in the Leeds and Selby area on Thursday evening 29 July.

At the Hacis Café on Front Street, York, of the six employees who were on site at the time of the visit, three Turkish male nationals were found to have no right to work and were arrested.

At Parvin Tandoori on Beckfield Lane, York, officers checked documents of the five staff and two Bangladeshi male nationals were found to have no right to work.

At Le Raj in Ousegate, Selby, officers checked documents of the six staff and a 30-year-old Bangladeshi male was found to have no right to work and he was arrested.

UKBA officers arrested three Mongolian men, 24, 22 and a 20 year old when they visited the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth on Thursday on 29 July. The 20 year old had overstayed his visa and the 24 year old was an illegal entrant. The 22 year old, who had overstayed his visa, was caught working illegally at Gourmet Burger and Fries.

On Saturday 31 July and Sunday 1 August officers from Herts Constabulary arrested two festival goers for immigration offences. Both men a 32 year old Nigerian and a 26 year old South African were visa overstayers.

Two immigration offenders have been found working at separate businesses in Bude following raids by the UK Border Agency. Officers went to Taste of India, on Queen Street, Bude and checked the immigration status of staff. They found a Bangladeshi man, who was working as a waiter, had stayed in the UK illegally after his visa had expired.

Next port of call was Tiandi, The Strand, where a Malaysian man was also found working illegally. He was found to have overstayed his visa.

Some of those who didn’t manage to join the illegal British workforce

Three Indian stowaways have been prevented from sneaking into the country after UKBA officers found them hiding inside a German driven lorry bound for Canterbury. The men were found in the early hours of 26 July after agency officers working in Calais were alerted by a sniffer dog which indicated the presence of people aboard. The officers searched the trailer and found the men hiding within the load of mixed goods.

Four Eritreans, two men and two women were prevented from illegally entering the country in Calais, France after they were caught hiding in a Greek registered lorry load of sweets heading for Bathgate. This time the successful body detection dog was called Wax who sniffed them out before they headed for Dover on Wednesday 28 July at 0330.

More sham marriages rumbled too.

IlieA bride and groom arrested on Monday 27 July on suspicion of being involved in a sham wedding ceremony in Sheffield have appeared in court along with three co-defendants.

The three Slovak and two Pakistani nationals appeared at Sheffield Magistrates Court on Wednesday 28 July charged with conspiracy to obtain leave to remain in the UK by deception.

The five defendants, who were all remanded in custody until the next court appearance at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday 4 August, are:

The bride, Slovakian, Barbora Vilckova, 35, of Brooks Bank Avenue, Bradford
The groom, Pakistani national, Ahmed Subhani, 32, of Chester Avenue, Luton.
Fellow Pakistani national, Sajid Mehmood, 36, of Cresswell Road, Sheffield.
Gizar Demeter, 35, of Ligate Terrace, Bradford (Slovakian)
Milan Benak, 38, of Brooks Bank Avenue, Bradford (Slovakian)

Just in case you were surprised that a Nigerian was not involved

A Nigerian man and a French woman were jailed as a result of a UK Border Agency investigation into sham marriages in Northampton.

Both Nigerian Moshood Samusi, who had overstayed his visa, and his French bride Landry Tra, were given two and a half years each. Both pleaded guilty to immigration offences at Northampton Crown Court and both will be supposedly be deported when their sentences have been served.

Those convictions bring the total combined sentences for all 12 people apprehended during Operation Sandford, which commenced in March, to more than 26 years.

Samusi, 39, and Tra, 21, were arrested by officers from the UK Border Agency’s immigration crime team on 14 March while their marriage ceremony was under way in St Michael’s Church, Perry Street, Northampton. In interview Tra admitted that she agreed to marry Samusi for a payment of £3,500. Samusi of Fairmead House, Hackney, hoped that his marriage to a French national would assist his application to remain in the UK.

Just when you think enough is enough

Hungary is set to hand passports to millions of people living outside the EU.

From next year, Hungary’s leaders will begin a huge passport giveaway to minority groups who have historic or ethnic ties to the East European country but live elsewhere. Once they are given a passport, they will be entitled to full access to the rest of the EU, including Britain of course where ‘the streets are paved with benefits for foreigners’. Similar passport handout schemes, which are legal under EU laws, are also under way in Romania and Bulgaria.

Together, it is estimated the three countries could add nearly five million citizens to the continent’s population, all looking towards the UK I shouldn’t wonder!

Just in case you forgot, restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian nationals will expire in 2013 – opening the door to the UK.

So, those in homes too big for them get ready to be evicted by Toff/Tories’ Enforced Rehousing Police!


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