Tories find more people to evict.

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Broken Britain

Toff Tory David Cameron said the Government may introduce “fixed period” tenancies to ensure new social housing tenants can be evicted if their circumstances improve.

IlieTenants of council houses are currently awarded an indefinite “secure tenancy” if they successfully complete a 12-month trial tenancy.This means they can only be evicted through the courts if they fail to pay rent, cause serious problems for their neighbours or, coming soon, if a mansion living government minister deems the tenant’s house is too big for them.

If they die, their secure tenancy can be passed on to a partner or child which stops these recently bereaved people being thrown out onto the streets whilst the flowers are still fresh on their loved one’s graves.

Mr Cameron said the current rules meant that people in more severe need of housing were being kept on council waiting lists while some tenants’ situations got better. By severe housing needs does he mean immigrants with large families?

To sum up, we are due to build 100,000 new homes every year because of mass immigration into our country, old people are to be thrown out of their homes because immigrants need the larger houses and now tenants are to be thrown out of their homes because at the moment their wages could afford a mortgage on a run down poky house in some grotty area.

When that situation changes because for example ToffTory/LibDim budget cuts make them redundant so they can’t afford the mortgage, presumably they will have to join the 1.8 million people on council housing waiting lists.

“At the moment we have a system very much where, if you get a council house or an affordable house, it is yours forever … And actually it ought to be about need,” Mr Cameron told a public forum in Birmingham.

His comments came in response to a mother of two teenagers, who told him she slept on a blow-up bed for two years because her council could not find her a bigger house. They obviously haven’t heard of bunk beds. My children slept 4 to a room on two sets of bunk beds, no Tory politician cared about our overcrowding then when council houses on our estate were handed over to Vietnamese boat people.

Hold on, didn’t the Conservatives pledge in their general election manifesto to protect the rights of existing tenants? Maybe that went down the river when they did a deal with LibDims so ToffTory David could become Prime Minister.


By the way

Ten Stowaways trying to enter the UK inside stacks of tyres on a Polish-registered lorry were detected by a UKBA sniffer dog.

The men from Vietnam, Iran and Iraq, were crouched in the centre of a series of stacks of tyres heading for Basildon, Essex but were sniffed out at Calais ferry port by body detection dog Buddy. The three-year-old Collie cross is one of more than 100 sniffer dogs used to protect the UK’s border. All 10 men were handed over to the French authorities after they were held on July 26.

  1. socrates says:

    In the US, the most “prosperous” country in the world, people are living in tents just outside their great cities, coming to a town near you soon. Try and see “They Live” an ’80’s film by George Carpenter. Free available to download from the web.

    • percyweller says:

      I’ve seen that film, it’s worth watching if I remember correctly it has ‘Rowdy Roddy Piper’ the wrestler in it.

  2. Howard Thomas says:

    Well done Buddy…….extra buscuits for you

  3. Howard Thomas says:

    Is Cameron a fool ?
    After showing himself to be lacking in the history department and then on the diplomacy issue, perhaps his maths is not so clever either.
    Its a question of quarts and not being able to fit them into pint pots. The numbers don’t add up Mr Cameron!
    The population of the UK rose by 412,000 last year, and thats the ones that we are able to count!
    Building 100,000 houses this year isn’t going to get many people off the waiting lists is it .
    Nobody in government seems to have the balls to sort out the immigration issue……SHUT THE BLOODY DOOR!……that would work and then there might be some chance that people in this country could get access to social housing.
    It really isn’t rocket science

  4. socrates says:

    Hi Perce,
    Didn’t know where to put this, as there seems to be no way of contacting like before. This should raise a smile.

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