Only 13% of rapes end in conviction

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

At a time when ToffTory/LibDim are cutting police budgets and PCSOs are picking up litter, figures show only 13% of all reported rapes in Croydon end up with a criminal conviction.

Statistics also show charges were only brought against 25% of alleged attackers.
From May last year to June this year Croydon police received 167 reports of rape, and submitted 94 of those cases to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

But only 21 of them ended up with the person who was accused of the attack getting a criminal record.

Talking about cuts in services

Leicester City Council is planning to buy Apple iPads for each of its 54 councillors, at a cost to the taxpayer of nearly £40,000. Just last month Leicester City Council revealed it would have to find £100m of savings and axe 1,000 jobs to cope with cuts in Whitehall funding over the next four years

The Labour run council has ordered four of the tablet computers which cost between £429 and £699 for a cross-party trial if the iPads are deemed a success, they will be bought for the other 50 councillors from next May. I wonder if when councillors leave office they will take the iPads with them using the old chestnut “it contains private information which musn’t fall into the public domain”?

By the way

A group of travellers has invaded the High School for Girls in Gloucester setting up a dozen caravans without permission on their grass playing field.

The school is on land owned by the Gloucester United Schools Charity, not the council, and it is up to them to take legal action to have the camp moved.


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