PCSO’s doing Community Service

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Broken Britain

IliePCSO’s in Staffordshire Police have been clearing local playing fields and neighbourhoods of litter. Earlier this month PCSOs Liz Dale and Sue Hughes were photographed for the force cleaning up rubbish from canal in Rugeley.

A retired police sergeant from West Midlands Police said on one occasion he had seen six PCSOs on his local playing field in Rugeley, Staffs, collecting litter. Twenty thousand pounds a year for clearing up litter, nice work if you can get it!

Mind you last year Kent Police had two PCSOs clearing up sweet wrappers and crisp packets from streets in an area where car crime has increased by 11 per cent.

IlieThis is off Staffordshire Police recruitment page, presumably soon to be deleted under police cuts.

Talking about police

IlieGreater Manchester Police officers have been banned from ordering suspects held in cells to change into blue paper boiler suits in case it infringes their human rights.

Instead, they are encouraged to fetch clean clothes from the suspected criminal’s own home so that they can feel more comfortable. Normally when a suspect is taken into custody, their clothing may be taken away if it is needed for forensic examination, and they are given a blue paper boiler suit instead.

However the force’s custody sergeants have been told that detainees must be given the opportunity to wear their own clothes while they await questioning. If a relative of the suspect cannot bring in an outfit, an officer can be dispatched to pick one up. Failing that, the alleged offender can be given a white tracksuit

Do you know

The number of foreigners who came to Britain on student visas rose by a third to more than 300,000 last year.

Official figures showed that the number of students entering Britain from non-EU countries increased by more than 75,000 in 12 months, despite massive demand for college and university places at home.

To top that a further 31,000 dependants accompanied foreign students, can you ‘adam and eve’ that! It has been revealed that some of these colleges offer qualifications in subjects such as circus skills, acupuncture and ancient medicine then of course the students are given the right to work in Britain after graduating.

Talking about foreigners

Labour wasted millions of pounds to bribe illegal immigrants to go home. Home Office papers show £13million has gone missing with officials having no idea how it was spent.

Here’s some examples:

Paid £1.2million in bribes to people who never even set foot in Britain.

Gave repatriation grants to migrants from wealthy countries including the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Lavished thousands on teaching foreign preachers about life in ‘multi-cultural’ Britain

Sent Afghans on year-long holidays to see if they would like to go home permanently

Bribed Poles to go home in the same year their country joined the EU, meaning they became eligible to immediately return to the UK

Handed almost £50,000 to the Ukraine to build a ‘migration advice centre

Wasted £25,141 on a cancelled project to support ‘artisans’ in Afghanistan

Paid £68,235 to China to strengthen its migration controls.

Milk from cloned cows offspring is secretly being sold in high street shops. The Food Standards Agency is to investigate

The cows being used to produce the milk start life in the U.S. as embryos created from the eggs of cloned prize-winning Holstein cows and the sperm of normal bulls. The embryos are frozen and flown to the UK, where they are implanted into host cows. The giant size animals can be used to produce massive quantities of milk and for breeding purposes.


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