Weather too nice for sports day

Posted: July 31, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain

Governments may come and go but the compensation culture is here to stay, thanks Cheri.

In the latest bit of nonsense pupils at a north Kent primary school have missed out on their sports day this year in case they fall over and hurt themselves. Once upon a time all school children hoped for a nice sunny day for their sports day but alas no more.

IlieBean Primary School cancelled the event on Thursday, July 22, because its field, dry from lack of rain, was deemed a health and safety risk.

A school spokesman said: “We wouldn’t want a child to fall over and hurt themselves. Unfortunately the British weather is very unpredictable. It’s completely out of our hands.”

Is it hell, stop being intimidated by solicitors who tout for compensation claims to make easy money, here’s a prime example.

The school should be more concerned about about their emblem, pictured, surely it openly encourages children to climb trees leading to falls that may put them in a wheelchair for life or even kill them.

Anyway let’s have a look at some more businesses that have been caught with illegal workers.

IlieThree people have been arrested following a UK Border Agency raid on a takeaway restaurant in Stockport Road, Manchester which is just down the road from Spice Valley Balti House the one I told you about yesterday.

This time it was the turn of Nice N’ Spice on Tuesday 27 July. Of the five employees who were on site at the time of the visit, three Pakistan nationals were arrested for overstaying their visa, it was Pakistanis that were caught further down the road too. The three remain in detention pending their removal from the UK.


I think it’s a disgrace that violent foreign criminals can just stroll into our country, aren’t any police checks carried out on would be immigrants. Here’s a classic case.

A Romanian rapist who fled his homeland to rape British victims has been jailed for at least 11 years. It would make better sense to send him back to Romania to serve his sentence where conditions will be far harsher than our prisons plus the fact when he is released he’s not in the UK to rape again.

Two women in their 20s feared they would die at the hands of Gheorghe Avadani, 32, after he held them prisoner, throttled them and tried to gouge out one of his victim’s eyeballs.

The rapist was freed from a Romanian jail in mid 2007 after serving a three-year sentence for raping a teenager. Avadani turned up in UK in July 2008 and struck twice within a matter of months after preying on sex workers.

His second victim told jurors how Avadani attacked her in February last year.

‘He tried to suffocate me, he put two fingers into my eyes and was trying to take out my eyeball. I pretended I was dead and that he’d killed me.’

Talking about Romanians

The leaders of a Romanian gipsy gang accused of sending 181 children to beg and steal on Britain’s streets in the past three years have been charged with a series of crimes in their home country.

The 26 Roma gipsies face a mixture of charges including trafficking children, money laundering, membership of an organised crime group and possession of illegal firearms.

The men were arrested in April this year when 300 armed Romanian police raided 17 heavily-fortified ‘gipsy palaces’ in the town of Tanderai. As well as enormous amount of cash, police found a cache of weapons including AK-47 machine guns, hunting rifles, knives, pistols, and gas bombs.

Officers also found luxury cars, jewellery plus hundreds of fake British passports and other false documentation used to help them transport children to Britain. Yesterday, as the men were officially charged in the Romanian town of Harghita


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