Home Office not attending a third of asylum hearings

Posted: July 30, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain

Britain will see its population swell from today’s 62.2 million to 77 million, an increase of 24%. France is projected to be 70 million and Germany is predicted to be 71.5 million.

When you consider that France has a square mile area of 244,339, Germany 137,882 and Britain only 93,800 it becomes obvious that we are going to be extremely overcrowded. Hey, at least we will be economically attractive to Vinnie Cable’s business world.
The forecasts came from the Population Reference Bureau, a US body which supplies data to governments and institutions around the world.

The Home Office isn’t helping matters either.

In response to a Parliamentary Question from Andrew Percy, a Conservative MP, the Home Office admitted that almost a third of hearings were not staffed by its officials this year.

Home Office officials, who are supposed to defend decisions on asylum and immigration, failed to attend 6330 hearings across the country. They were represented in 14,335, the figures showed.

Statistics show that half of these such hearings last year resulted in a victory for the applicant, a rise from just over a third two years ago.

Anyway more illegal workers caught, is there no end to it?

IlieUKBA visited the Spice Valley Balti House on Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, Sheffield on Thursday 22 July, questioning staff to ensure they had the right to work in the UK.

Of the five employees who were on site at the time of the visit, two Pakistan nationals were arrested for a variety of immigration offences. The two arrested have subsequently claimed asylum and have been detained pending the outcome of their claims. So thanks to the LibDim part of the coalition in another 12 months they will be entitled to have their jobs back all legal and above board.


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