New homes for immigrants.

Posted: July 29, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain

Read all about it – new homes to be built for immigrants, poor people to be thrown out of homes!

IlieYesterday I pointed out that Vince Cable, Business Secretary, wants to let all immigrants who want to come here into the UK to make Britain “more economically attractive”. I suggested that one of the reasons was to be ‘Cable able’ to sell houses to the new arrivals to our already overcrowded island.

Well today it’s official, ministers disclosed yesterday that nearly 100,000 new homes must be built every year just to provide housing for immigrants. It seems Britain’s economy relies on the building and sale of houses.

Four out of every ten new houses or flats built to cope with the rising population will go to a migrant, they said.

Over a 25-year period, immigrants will require 2.5 million extra homes unless the Government meets its pledges to bring about a major reduction in numbers arriving to live in Britain which it won’t because of its coalition with the ‘Let them in’ LibDems

The housing projections from the Communities Department say that at current birth­rates and expected rates of immigration, 252,000 new homes a year will be needed each year until 2031.

At present the Office for National Statistics estimates that net immigration will run at 180,000 a year for the foreseeable future.

IlieIt appears too that ToffTory/LibDim will force
council house tenants living in properties that are bigger than they need to move into smaller accommodation to make way for immigrants with large families who can’t afford to buy houses.

Ministers are now preparing to launch a ‘house swap’ scheme which is likely to affect hundreds of thousands of people.

According to official figures, a total of 234,000 households in the social tenant sector are overcrowded while 456,000 are under-occupied, meaning people have more than one extra spare room. A further 1,159,000 households have more rooms than is standard for a family of their size.

Who decides that, a two or three house owning minister living with just his wife?

Why should a MP have more than one house when he can only occupy one at a time, their second home near Parliament must surely be a one bedroomed flat under this policy or are only poor people affected by the enforced rehousing policy.

If the poor people refuse to move their benefits will be cut by the Work and Pensions department who are now drawing up plans to slash housing benefit payments to those tenants who live in houses that are too big for them – meaning many will have to move into smaller properties.


IlieFarmer Bruce Margetts, 46, living in a mobile home has been denied planning permission to build a home on his property for 13 years but over the same period the Smithy Fen travellers’ site next door – just half a mile away – has boomed and was home to more than 800 illegal travellers at its peak in 2003.

But despite having tended cattle on the site since 1992, Conservative-controlled South Cambridgeshire District Council has refused planning permission for a permanent residence three times. The 11-acre legitimate travellers site grew to 20-acres without planning permission, while Mr Margetts was told his three-bed property is not suitable for the farm.

Seven unlawful plots at Smithy Fen currently remain occupied without planning permission, featuring semi-permanent structures.

Getting back to Britain’s attractive economy for foreigners

Tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers were granted the right to work in the UK yesterday in a landmark court ruling. That’s the cheap labour for businesses sorted out.

It affects around 45,000 whose applications have already been rejected at least once, but who have not been deported.

Home Office officials argued that an EU directive – which gives asylum seekers the right to work after 12 months – should not apply to them because it would encourage applicants to abuse the system by making repeated claims.

But the Supreme Court ruled that failed asylum seekers whose cases have not been dealt with after 12 months must be given access to jobs. That’s another 45,000 British jobs lost, maybe it’s all part of the plan to cut benefits for the long term unemployed – no jobs the more benefits can be cut.

Anyway talking about foreigners

Muhammed Afzal, 41-years-old, was arrested whilst working at a McDonalds restaurant on Oxford Road in Reading on 11 July.

During a subsequent search of his house on Mason Street UKBA officers discovered fake documentation, a Norwegian passport, driving licence and other documents, all in his “false” Norwegian identity.

He had used them to claim he had the right to work in the UK and gain employment, when in actual fact he was a Pakistani national who had over-stayed his visa.

Afzal was charged with fraud, using a false instrument with intent, and three offences under the ID Cards Act. During a hearing at Reading Crown Court on Monday 26 July he pleaded guilty to all five charges and was sentenced to twelve months in prison.

Afzal will face deportation at the end of his sentence unless do-gooders manage to keep him in the UK for 12 months with appeals when he will then have the right to work and live in a house vacated by the ‘poor people’.

Welcome to the asylum called Britain!

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    It is quite possible that only 100,000 new homes will be built in 2010. The population of the UK increased by 412,000 in 2009.
    It is quite obvious that all new housing being built is likely to be used to cope with the growing population and will do nothing to assist the millions already on housing lists.
    This shortage is what keeps housing costs absurdly high,both bought and rented, which means that many people can’t afford to work and those that are will continue to struggle to make ends meet.
    This is largely a result of Gordon’s ‘boom’ years of banks throwing money at people and the fact that people spent vastly more than was sensible just to get a roof over their heads.
    The Labour government , supposedly the party of the working man, completely screwed the working man by allowing millions of people into the country to compete for jobs which kept wages down. On the other hand housing costs rose drastically which means that millions of ordinary folk struggle to pay for that most basic of things…..the roof over your head.
    Thanks a lot Gordon !! Will this lot of Con Dems get it right ? With people like Cable in high office….I doubt it !

  2. Robert Bystanders says:

    People don’t realise the immigration problem commenced in 1948, when the first Indian children started joining UK schools. In 1955, terrace houses in Middlesbrough were being rented by Pakistanis. In 1972 Heathrow Airport Aircraft landing/s started receiving after 12 pm, during the night and during the cover of night, upto 5 747 aircraft a night all carrying illegal immigrants. This trade is still going on, if you go to Heathrow at about 2-30am in the morning you’ll get an eye-opener. We need to act, my desire is to see a complete stop, that immigrants can only stay here until they are aged 50, and they must pay for NHS treatment. At my local hospital every day in the Eye Dept I see blind and crippled immigrants treated, one is on a board [he lies flat] wheelchair, yet this mans here to improve Britains trade prospects? If I write 100 x a4 sheets I will not be able to express my anger at whats going on.
    Leeds, Yorkshire, a land now fit for only immigrants to live in.

  3. Why do I keep asking myself do politicians ever travel on the bus, use the tube, go by train, or walk from Piccadilly to Marble Arch, or take a taxi. Have they not eyes, have they no feelings of Britishness, did there fathers and grandfathers not fight in WW1 or WW2. About a year ago I told my grandsons under no circumstances must they ever join the armed forces, why??? Maybe because my own father served in 1927 in Afghanistan on the Khyber Pass. I doubt if anyone remembers we had an 1927-1928 war then and wanted to defeat the Taliban then. I do know a lot of rebels when captured were beheaded with British troops stood watching the the executions.
    One photo had a number of heads sitting on a long table. So much for the Peace Process. In Leeds its well known a 7/7 bomber was making bombs in the bath and life went on around him, meaning each day his father opened their fish and chip shop?

    I really am dispirited, we need an 3 year dictatorship plan, and an purge of all foreigners, at Leeds rail station I observe the Asians, out of 100, maybe 2 look a useful type, meaning they look as if they are capable, honest and trustworthy. But 98 don’t. And amongst these 98 you have 50 who clearly are Asian trash, on the buses I in 3 are foreign, and its noticeable that the Chinese are growing in numbers. I like Chinese, I have respect for them – but when you see between 3 waiting for an everyday / every 20 minutes Leeds to Manchester train you start thinking just how many are they in the country? Outside the station we have always 100 Muslin taxi drivers, a white taxi-man is sure hard to find. You’d think the licensing authority would vet their right-to-work, or Leeds Council their right-to-live -here before handing over the keys. If ten people share the same house and all are on benefits that must be £2000 PW, or £9000 pm going to support the occupants of that one property. In Leeds the dodge is to claim under multiple names and addresses. The People newspaper found, wrote about, one 3 bedroom house in Luton with 132 DHSS regd tenants. So lets ask does anyone at DHSS really care, does Cameron, do any TV stars or sports figure? Do you?

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