Business Secretary want open doors to immigrants

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Broken Britain

I imagine a lot of the electorate voted Conservative because they wanted something done about the continuous flood of immigrants into our country. I very much doubt they expected to get a LibDem ‘open house to foreigners’ policy, yet this is what we face.

IlieToff David Cameron has been urged by Vince Cable, LibDem MP for Twickenham and Business Secretary, to scrap the pledge on immigration capping in order to boost Britain’s economic attractiveness. Presumably by this he means cheap wages, demand for homes from new arrivals and more consumers to buy goods and services.

Mr Cable who is travelling with Mr Cameron warned that the trade mission would be futile unless the Government scrapped the new cap on immigration.
The Confederation of Indian Business and some British financial leaders have expressed concern that the Government’s proposed annual limit on immigration from outside the European Union would prevent entrepreneurs from coming to this country.
So according to LibDims, to attract a handful of entrepreneurs we must accept 100,000’s of Indian migrants, never mind our already overloaded infrastructure?

Mr Cable briefed Hindu Business Line that he would fight to see the cap scrapped altogether, saying that he wanted the most “liberal an immigration policy as it’s possible to have”.

In an interview, Mr Cable added: “Certainly in terms of work permits for management and technical staff who are needed in the UK we want the system to operate flexibly”.

Ever thought of retraining our unemployed?

Well it’s started, Tories defining whose poor and whose rich.

IlieSchools will be paid a “pupil premium” for teaching the poorest pupils. Michael Gove, the education secretary, announced that from September 2011 schools will be given a cash incentive for every underprivileged child they teach, as part of a shake-up of schools funding.

The payments, which will come from outside the budget for schools, are intended to stop the middle classes dominating the best schools and correct the “significant underachievement” of disadvantaged pupils compared with their peers.

Middle classes dominate best schools because as car owners they are able to travel further to find better quality schools whilst Tories defined ‘poor children’ have to be sent to low quality schools who obviously have places because they are so bad.

Don’t talk to me about catchment areas either as due to 100,000’s of migrant workers’ children filling our schools that went out the window years ago. Children get put in the nearest school that has places available, this can be miles away.

Unfortunately the government has put no controls on how schools spend the money. If schools are anything like my local school the money will be spent on laptops for teachers, staff car parks, pop style headsets, anything to spend the money before it can be taken back.
Do you know there is an excess of £2 billion that is sitting unspent in school bank accounts.

Eligibility for free school meals, which are means-tested, has been touted as a potential measure of poverty on which to base the system, along with whether a child’s parents receive out-of-work tax credits.

Official figures show that just over one in four teenagers eligible for free school meals achieve five GCSEs at grades A*-C including English and maths, compared to more than half who are not eligible.

How come there is never a mention of poor quality teaching, to get rid of an under performing teacher is nigh impossible these days in the cotton wool environment they exist in.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    Vince Cable has earned much respect through his fiscal awareness.
    But that is lost in a heartbeat when you come up with complete load of cobblers. This is the true colour of the Libdems, not only are they happy for the immigration ‘door’ to be wide open, they are there trying their best to push it off its hinges!
    What were the new coalition saying about ‘listening to what people want’! Their hearing seems to be more than a bit unsatisfactory.

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