Tories revive £20,000 death tax.

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Broken Britain


When the electorate ousted Labour and chose to vote in Conservatives they surely didn’t think they would end up with a Tory LibDem coalition carrying out Labour policies, but that appears exactly what has happened.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley appointed an independent commission to consider a compulsory charge to fund nursing care.

Which if it goes ahead will mean pensioners will be expected to pay a lump sum of about £20,000 on retirement or on death to guarantee their nursing care is paid for. However thousands could have to sell their homes to meet their costs under the proposal, as it does not cover bed and board.

Meanwhile, households are owed billions of pounds by the taxman but will not get their money for four years because of chaos in the system. Over 18million unresolved tax records, involving 15.4million people, are stuck in a logjam at HM Revenue and Customs following a merging of databases.

In nine million of these records, the taxman is investigating to see if there has been an undercharge or an overcharge.

Talk about kicks in the ‘proverbials’

A man was shot in the groin with a 50,000 volt Taser gun by police who wrongly believed he had been driving without insurance. Peter Cox was given the electric shock after he climbed out of his BMW to talk to officers who had been following him. He had a brief conversation with them but suddenly collapsed to the ground in agony when one of the policemen discharged the weapon.


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