Drug companies rip off NHS.

Posted: July 18, 2010 in NHS WATCH

Whilst the ToffTory/LibDim hammer the poor to save money the NHS are duped out of £millions by profiteering drug companies who have raised prices by, in some cases, 1,000%!

IlieThe medicines are not new products developed by pharmaceutical companies after enormous investment in research and development but unbranded so-called ‘generic’ drugs which have been available for many years and include commonly used antibiotics prescribed to millions of patients.

Here’s some examples;




Scotland’s wind farms have produced only around half the amount of power they were expected to this year.

The government naturally blamed the weather rather than admitting wind power is not what it’s cracked up to be. When there’s no wind there’s no power and when it’s very windy the national grid can’t handle it so wind power farms are paid to turn the turbines off!
Turbines are expected to operate at an average output of about 30% of their maximum installed capacity, but the average output over five months this year was 17%.

There have also been long spells when virtually no electricity has been produced by any of the country’s wind farms.


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