Vicar performed 100’s of sham marriages

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

A vicar is accused of presiding over hundreds of sham marriages in a “massive and cynical scheme” to exploit vulnerable people and enable illegal immigrants to stay in Britain, a court has heard.

Rev Alexander Brown married 383 couples in the four years to July 2009 at the Church of St Peter and St Paul in St Leonards, Sussex, a 30-fold increase on the 13 marriages held there in the preceding four-year period.

Brown is charged with conspiracy to facilitate breaches of immigration laws with two other men, Rev Michael Adelasoye, a Nigerian born solicitor who specialised in immigration and who knew many of the Africans through his role as pastor of the Ark of Hope evangelical church in Hastings. Hmmm, a Nigerian involved in sham marriages where have I heard that before.

A Ukranian man, Vladymyr Buchak, who was living illegally in the UK pretended to be Estonian despite not speaking the language and operated under the alias Kaido Maesalu, he is accused of “cajoling and persuading” eastern Europeans to join the scam.

Most of the ceremonies recorded by Brown, 61, in the marriage register at his church were “marriages of convenience” between African nationals seeking to stay in Britain and eastern European nationals who had a right to live in the country through their membership of the EU.

For instance, Chy Chy Perpetua Ifeagwazi, a Nigerian woman sacked from her job after her work visa expired, married Egidijus Salasevicius, a Lithuanian man who worked in a sausage factory in Bexhill who was paid £3,000 for the marriage.

Here’s another, a 55-year-old Estonian woman, Inge Rajaste, answered an advertisement in Russian and was encouraged by Buchak to marry a 30-year-old security guard, Joseph Nduka, in return for £3,000.

The prosecution pointed to suspicious trends in the marriage register at Brown’s church. The 13 marriages conducted there in the four years to June 2005 all involved couples with “Anglo-Saxon” sounding names. “Thereafter, there was a fairly dramatic and obvious increase in the incidence of African and European names appearing in that register,” said Walbank.

“We say that Father Brown cannot have failed to notice that in a markedly high proportion of cases the marriages at St Peter’s church involved black Africans marrying white Europeans with names reflecting that. Even allowing for the slightly unusual demographic of St Leonard’s, Father Brown cannot have believed that many of these couples genuinely hailed from his parish.”

Of the 383 weddings in the four-year period, 90 were between couples who claimed to live on one road close to the church. In the space of one month in the spring of 2009 Brown married four couples who gave their address as the same house on a nearby street. These were false addresses, according to the prosecution.

The case continues.

Anyway as Mr Bumble said “the law is an ass

IlieA mother-of-five who was moved up a council housing list after fraudulently claiming she had been kidnapped has walked free from court and been allowed to stay in the house, can you ‘Adam and Eve’ that?

Yurup Ismael, 48, of Harrow, north west London, told police that her former husband had abducted her and made her 16-year-old son back up her story.

Harrow Crown Court heard that police spent £20,000 investigating her claims but realised that she was lying as her alleged kidnapper was already in prison serving a sentence for assault. She later admitted she had not seen him since 2003.

Because of the alleged threat to her safety the family jumped the Harrow Council housing list and moved to a bigger house.

Yesterday she admitted perverting the course of justice and fraud by false representation but her eight month sentence was suspended because she has to look after five children. She also continues to live in the house in College Hill Road in Harrow which she fraudulently obtained. There’s me thinking crime wasn’t supposed to pay!

So let’s make the motorist pay.

Motorists face being hit by a massive increase in fines to plug a black hole in the ToffTory/LibDim spending commitments.

Officials want to double the Victims’ Surcharge, which is added to court fines for speeding and other minor offences, from £15 to as much as £30. But hold up there are no victims in speeding and parking offences.

They are also forging ahead with a plan to levy the charge on parking tickets and other fixed penalty notice offences which do not even reach court. Which will mean the cost of a parking ticket will rise from £60 to £90.

The ToffTory/LibDim are trying to make motorists feel guilty about complaining by saying rape crisis centres will be short of funding if the increases don’t go through.

Last year, more than three million drivers alone were handed fixed penalties for speeding, multiply that by £30, what an earner for ToffTory/LibDim.

I want to know why there is no mention of reducing foreign economic and military aid to save money. Ten billion pounds could be saved at a stroke without attacking people on bread line benefits.

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    These rape crisis centres could end up being full of motorists that believe they have been illegally screwed!

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