Hospital staff face 242% increase in parking costs.

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Broken Britain

IlieParking charges at the QEQM Hospital in Margate, Kent will rise from August 1st, visitors will now pay a minimum of £2 for two hours whereas previously they were charged £1.70 for three hours. Cutting parking hours down will surely add stress to patients fearing their car will be clamped whilst they wait to be seen at one of the out-patient clinics, a nice little earner for the hospital car clampers. Of course this cutting parking hours down move is to entice car parkers to pay £4 to be ‘on the safe side’.

This rip off move is masked as ‘the Trust looks to save £23m this year‘ but making patients pay exorbitant parking charges so some bureaucrat can keep his over paid job is taking the ‘mickey’.

The staff have been hit too, staff permits are set to rise from £52.92 to £178.61 in two years time, an increase of 242%!

This heartless hospital trust were even going to charge the disabled to park but decided against it, which is a good thing because all the roads around the hospital are ‘chocker block’ with cars because there is no room in the car park during the day without dozens of ‘blue badges’ parking on the yellow lines.

There are currently 405 staff spaces, 32 hot staff spaces used by staff travelling between hospitals, 283 visitor spaces, 40 disabled spaces and 10 drop off spaces.

By the way

Two Indian men aged 25 and 34 have been arrested after they were found working illegally at Ajuba Indian restaurant in Elderslie, Johnstone just before 17:00 on Friday 9 July.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    Ignoring the price , hospital parking should be paid for on leaving. How might you know how long your appointment might take?
    The price can easily be looked at as a tax on the sick.

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