4,130 applicants for 193 jobs.

Posted: July 14, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

Primark advertising for staff to work in a new store have received 4,130 applications for just 193 jobs.

The discount retailer has interviewed 680 applicants. The total number of applicants for jobs at the new store in Blackburn, Lancashire, is 300 more than the number of people in in the borough who are registered as unemployed and seeking work.

So many people seeking so few jobs, that sounds like the beginning of a Winston Churchill speech, yet all over our country are businesses employing illegals.
Since the Labour government has been ousted the UKBA seem to have woken up and are pro active in seeking out illegal workers but they are barely scratching the surface, tougher laws are needed against these employers of illegals; fines they are unlikely to pay are not enough!

Twelve foreign nationals have been caught working illegally in Leicester.

IlieOfficers raided two businesses operating out of the same building at 76 Linden Street, Leicester on 7 July at 1200 noon. The officers sealed all exits before interviewing the workers and checking identity documents.

At Sanjri Mouldings on the ground floor seven workers were questioned. Three were arrested after they were found to have no right to work in the UK. A spokesman for Sanjri Mouldings said: “I’ve not heard anything about what the fines will be. We had six employees before the raid and now we have three. But we’re still open for business. “Obviously I had no idea the three people were illegal workers and I did not expect the raid.”

At Rewalk Clothing on the first floor 22 workers were questioned and nine were arrested for having no right to work in the UK. Some of the workers had entered the UK illegally while others had overstayed visas. All of the illegal workers were Indian nationals – eleven men and one woman.

Following the arrests UKBA searched ten houses in the Leicester area to locate identity documents so that the illegal workers can be removed from the UK. Ten houses occupied by illegals, no wonder we have a million or so homeless people on housing waiting lists in the UK.

Two of them were detained while the other ten were placed on immigration bail, that’ll be the last we’ll see of them until they are re-arrested working illegally somewhere else.

Meanwhile in North Wales 3 people were found working illegally following a series of operations.

At G and R News, 294 High Street, Connah’s Quay on 5 July the immigration status of staff was checked and a 33-year-old Sri Lankan man was found to be working illegally in breach of the terms of his student visa. Not here to learn Welsh was he?
He was arrested and remains in immigration detention pending his removal from the UK.

At the Taste of Bengal restaurant, 52 Church Street, Connah’s Quay a Bangladeshi man was arrested on suspicion of immigration offences. After questioning at Mold police station he was charged under the ID Cards Act with using counterfeit documents. He remains in custody pending a court appearance.

On 7 July, UKBA visited Bella takeaway, 8 Holyhead Road, Bangor and checked the immigration status of staff. A Syrian man employed there was found to be a failed asylum seeker who had not left the UK as required when his claim for protection was turned down. He was not arrested but was stopped from working and placed on immigration bail which is a bit odd as he has already avoided leaving the UK as asked so it’s pretty likely he is going to disappear again.

Six foreign nationals have been caught working illegally in Telford.

At W Corbett & Co (Galvanising) Ltd, Halesfield 1 at 1120 on 8 July, six workers, all from India, were found to have illegally entered the UK and used forged passports from various European countries to gain employment with the business. Unbelievably all of these six illegal workers, here with false passports, were placed on immigration bail so they are free to disappear into the murky world of illegal immigrants.

The business was issued with on-the-spot penalty notice for employing illegal workers and may now face a fine of up to £60,000, mind you the chances of that being paid must be pretty remote. If a business is blatantly abusing our laws it’s time they were shut down. How many businesses have been shut, workers made unemployed because the business is struggling to pay a tax bill, yet here we have numerous businesses employing illegals to the detriment of this country.


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