Double bubble for Kent police

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

Millions of people with private sector retirement schemes are likely to see their pensions reduced by as much as 25 per cent after the Government announced plans to change the way they are calculated.

Meanwhile in the Garden of England, that’s Kent that is…
The police are paying out over £9million a year on 350 staff who already get force pensions.

The workers are ex-police men or women who have been re-hired or retained while drawing their pension. One retired officer is earning at least £60,769 as well has his public sector pension. Apparently 8% of the force’s total budget for civilian staff is being paid to former officers.

When the ToffTory/LibDim are making plans to make people work until they are 70 or die, whichever comes first, how come public sector workers can retire very early in their working life with a nice fat pension then take a job whilst millions are out of work?
Do the ToffTory/LibDim really expect workers who deliver post, empty bins, build houses to still be capable at 70. It might be alright for those civil servants who sit behind desks with cushy jobs but they will still be retiring early won’t they.

Anyway to change the subject

IlieTwo illegal workers were arrested at an abattoir at Wyresdale Road, Lancaster during a visit by UKBO.

Officers entered the abattoir at 2230 on Monday 5 July where an inspection of staff work documents revealed a 26-year-old Malaysian man and a 60-year-old Pakistani man working illegally.

Both men were arrested for working in breach of visa conditions and overstaying permission to be in the UK. The Malaysian man is currently in detention pending removal whilst the Pakistani man is in detention whilst further enquiries take place.

The Wyresdale Road abattoir made the headlines in 2002. The company directors were charged with causing unnecessary suffering to animals awaiting slaughter. Some calves involved in the alleged offences were only days old.

Sheep were packed together so tightly that they could not turn or lie down. Nor did they have access to water as required by law. Rochdale Halal Meat Company, which operated the Wyresdale Road abattoir, faced two counts of failing to slaughter animals so as to avoid suffering to them. A further count alleged it failed to ensure animals were untethered, were able to move and had access to drinking facilities. Another two charges claimed the firm did not ensure that air, relative humidity and ammonia levels were within legal limits and not harmful.

Rochdale Halal at that time were also under investigation by the Environment Agency after blood and intestines, said to have originated from the Lancaster abattoir, were found in Burrowbeck, a tributary of the River Lune.

Some people have total disregard for the law don’t they?


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