Electric car fuel duty

Posted: July 6, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain

IlieElectric cars must be taxed to pay for more power stations or they could drain the National Grid and even contribute to power cuts.
Analysts for Saturn Energy calculated that a fuel duty of up to 10p a mile would be required to pay for the extra demand which will be created if the Government’s targets on renewable energy are hit.

The Climate Change Committee says that 1.7 million electric cars should be on Britain’s roads by 2020 and urgent modernisation was required to boost capacity to provide for the needs of any surge in the number of electric cars. Let’s hope the next couple of decades are windy ones, shame the national grid can’t store all the power produced by the wind turbines when it is windy.

It estimated that such taxes would raise £1.7 billion a year, which, if kept exclusively for the purpose, could pay for 1 new nuclear plant, two gas-fired power stations or 10,000 new wind turbines each year, pity it will probably be used to increase civil servant pensions.

Here’s some lunacy from the lunatic asylum called Britain!

A council has blacked out 250 windows on a glass-panelled swimming pool to protect the modesty of Muslim women.
Darlaston Leisure Centre in the West Midlands’ town of Walsall, was hailed for its ‘ultra-modern’ design when it opened ten years ago. But now council staff have covered the windows with dark-tinted film following complaints from Muslim swimmers.

An estimated 1,700 civil servants whose jobs have been abolished are still on the public payroll because their ‘gold-plated’ redundancy deals make them too costly to sack. It is thought they are pocketing £50million a year despite having no job to do. Instead they are waiting in ‘talent pools’ to be redeployed. In the private sector these no longer wanted employees would be given all the crap jobs to make them leave or is that just the way we used to handle things.

Just in case you are a LibDim and can’t find any illegals

IlieOn the evening of Thursday 1 July UK Border Agency officers visited two different takeaways, China City on 258 Great North Road, and Happy House, 264 Great North Road in Doncaster and questioned staff to ensure they had the right to work in the UK.

They uncovered two illegal workers, one at each takeaway. Both Chinese nationals were arrested with one found to have entered the UK illegally and the second, was a failed asylum seeker. The two men remain in detention whilst steps are taken to remove them from the UK.

UK Border Agency carried out a simultaneous raid on three businesses in Warwick Way, Loughborough on 21 June at 1815. The officers sealed all exits before interviewing the workers and checking identity documents.

At the Bay Leaf restaurant they arrested a 24-year-old Bangladeshi man who had a fake British passport.

At the Koi Oriental restaurant a 34-year-old Chinese man, and a 33-year-old Chinese woman were caught – both were failed asylum seekers.

At the Pit Stop car wash a 20-year-old Iranian failed asylum seeker was found working illegally.

At the Koh-i-Noor restaurant in Nottingham Road, Loughborough, June 15 at 1815 two Bangladeshi men were caught illegally working – a 26-year-old who entered the UK illegally and a 29-year-old who had overstayed his visa.

At 2045 on the same day officers moved on to Castle Pizzas takeaway in the Barron, Castle Donington. A 34-year-old Pakistani man was found to be illegally working.

On the evening of Thursday 1 July officers visited Tele Pizza in Market Place, Thirsk and Zorro Pizza in Kirkgate, Ripon.
In Tele Pizza they found a 19-year-old Palestinian man, who was a failed asylum seeker and did not have permission to work. He was dismissed from employment. Also working in the takeaway was a 29-year-old Egyptian man who had entered the country illegally. He was arrested and steps are now being taken to remove him from the country.

In Zorro Pizza, officers found a 31-year-old Egyptian man working behind the counter. Checks revealed that he had overstayed his visa and did not have the right to work in the UK. He was dismissed from employment. An application for further leave to remain that he has submitted is being considered.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    Electric cars………. By 2015 we have to comply with the EU directive on large combustion plants (ie power stations) and either sort out emmissions or close them down.
    As this looks right now there will be a big problem with generating enough electric to keep the lights on!…….and then we are getting all these electric cars…..Hmmmm!……….planning and brewery spring to mind!

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