Employing illegals should be criminalised?

Posted: July 4, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain

When you consider that we are an island nation you would think that it would be easy to keep illegal immigrants out.

A Christchurch takeaway was caught with four Chinese illegal workers.

IlieChina Town, on Barrack Road, was raided at around 17:00 on 22 June.

The immigration status of staff was checked and four of the five people on duty were found to have no legal right to live or work in the UK, 80% of workers were illegal that should be enough reason to shut down the takeaway as an example to others.

A 25 year old man and a 35 year old man were arrested and taken to Poole police station. They were later transferred to immigration detention where they remain pending their removal from the UK.

A 23 year-old man was dealt with at the scene and stopped from working. He has been placed on immigration bail and must report regularly to a police station while emergency travel documents are secured for his removal from the country. Doesn’t that mean he can just disappear and start working illegally somewhere else or am I missing something.

The fourth illegal worker a 28 year old man who was found to have entered the UK illegally was additionally arrested on suspicion of ID card offences. He is alleged to have been in possession of a counterfeit Home Office document and a counterfeit National Insurance card and remains in custody.

All four men were wearing the takeaway’s uniform and were seen working in an open plan kitchen and serving area when the UK Border Agency officers entered the business.

Three foreign nationals have been caught working illegally in Nottingham.

IlieUK Border Agency officers visited Five Star Nails in The Square, Beeston at 2:40 on 21 June. Officers sealed all exits before interviewing the workers and checking identity documents. They caught a Vietnamese couple aged 40 and 43 who were both failed asylum seekers. At least they weren’t growing cannabis.

At 15:40 later the same day, officers visited Five Star Nails in Kings Walk, Nottingham, pictured. A Vietnamese man, 30, was found illegally working he was also a failed asylum seeker.

A boomerang Bolivian

A Bolivian woman has failed in separate attempts to enter the UK illegally on the same day using two different Welsh ports.

The 41 year old arrived in Pembroke on board a ferry from the Republic of Ireland at 02:55 on 25 June. She was stopped and refused entry by police who found she did not have a visa to enter the UK. At 17:00 on the same day, the woman arrived at Holyhead on another ferry from Ireland. This time, UK Border Agency officers stopped the woman.

Documents found in her bags indicated that the woman intended to work illegally in the UK and when she was questioned further she admitted that this was the case. She was refused entry and removed to Ireland for a second time.

UK Border Agency officers arrested a Bangladeshi man who was working illegally at a restaurant in Prestatyn.

On 24 June the 29 year old was found in Rasam’s Spice, 131 High Street, Prestatyn, where he was working in the kitchen. He was in the UK illegally after his visa had expired. Rasam’s was served with a civil penalty notice for employing an illegal worker. Maybe it’s time that employing illegal workers becomes a crime.

Do you know that there are more than 9,000 Indian restaurants in Britain, taking in £400 million every week?

Do you also know that it’s cheaper to steal from a shop than put your bin out on the wrong day? Councils are issuing fines of up to £110 for putting their bins out for collection at the wrong time yet shoplifters only get £80 spot fines.

By the way, more evidence for my theory that sham marriages are a Nigerian pastime.

A Nigerian male, Anthony Chima Anyanwu was arrested on 29 June as part of a UK Border Agency investigation into a suspected sham marriage.

Anyanwu, 41, of 14 Albert Avenue, Manchester, has been charged with obtaining leave to remain by deception, perjury and ID card offences. He is due to appear in Burnley Magistrates Court on Wednesday 22 September.


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