Great Swine Flu Swindle…..

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Broken Britain, NHS WATCH

……read all about it!


More than £1.2billion of taxpayers’ money was spent on the swine flu pandemic that never materialised. Percy told you that would happen.

The Government was forced to squander vast sums on vaccines based on scary predictions that never came true.

Ministers were stitched up like a kipper because drug companies refused to back out of their contracts. Who supposed to run the country the government or big companies?

The official review into the Government’s response to swine flu said that, overall, it was ‘proportionate and effective’. But the review noted that there was a lack of ‘flexibility’ in the contracts signed by drugs firms which left the Health Service with millions of needless doses of the vaccine. Never mind, give it a couple of years and the government can start a Fox flu scare and use it all up and pretend they are saving the people of Britain just before an election.

Even when it became clear that the threat posed by the outbreak had been overestimated, GlaxoSmithKline, one of two firms manufacturing the jab, would not renegotiate the terms. I suppose never buying anything off GSK ever again is out of the question. The Percy household still doesn’t go into a shop that ripped us off 20 years ago! Still, we have principles unlike MPs.

Shame that this swindle is emerging as the NHS is being forced to make drastic cuts, with hundreds of doctors and nurses’ posts at risk.

Talking about ripping the taxpayer off

IlieRather than trying to save money by cutting benefits of people on the breadline thus returning Britain to Dickensian times, well ‘retro’ is back in fashion, the government should have a closer look at civil servants with their huge wage packets.

More than 300 public servants are earning salaries that are higher than the prime minister.

The salaries of quango bosses and top civil servants show just how much taxpayer cash goes to fund the Whitehall gravy train.

The highest-paid quango chief is Tony Fountain, chief executive of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, who earns £530,000 a year including benefits.

Figures reveal that the people running the preparations for London’s 2012 Olympics are among the greatest beneficiaries.

Thirteen staff of the Olympic Delivery Authority and the Olympic Park Legacy Authority take home more than £150,000.The chief executive of the authority, David Higgins, is second on the highly paid list, earning £395,000 a year.

The chief executive of NHS drugs rationing body Nice, Andrew Dillon, is on £185,000.


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