MOD put a sock in 128yr-old-company

Posted: July 1, 2010 in British jobs for British workers


Sock-maker to the Army, HJ Hall, of Hinckley, Leics, says redundancies are ” inevitable” after a £5 million order was lost to a Northern Ireland firm, which manufactures its socks in China. HJ Hall employs 75 people at the factory where the socks are made.

Cooneen Watts & Stone, of County Tyrone will supply 2.5 million pairs over four years. HJ Hall, which is 128-year-old, has provided socks for the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy for 80 years.

The MoD said Cooneen Watts & Stone, of County Tyrone, offered better value for money.

Anton Jenkins, HJ’s sales and marketing director, said: “I don’t think it’s right that men who are out there defending the country in all weathers should be wearing the cheapest socks the MoD can get. “Our socks are primarily made in the UK, but these socks will be made in China.”

Talking about foreign workers taking our jobs

IlieUK Border Agency officers and an environmental health officer from East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire, visited Alisha’s Asian Kitchen in Pinfold Lane at 16:30 on 15 June. The officers sealed all exits before interviewing the workers and checking their immigration status. They found a Bangladeshi male, aged 15, who had overstayed his visit visa.

Due to his age, the illegal worker was not arrested but left in the care of his uncle, a British citizen. The UK Border Agency contacted social services to make them aware of the child. The illegal child worker was living in a makeshift bed above the takeaway. How Dickensian, children in takeaways have replaced children up chimneys.


UK Border Agency officers raided the New Parkhall Carry Out in Hawthorn Street , Clydebank, after 1700 on Friday 25 June.

After the immigration status of all staff was checked, two Malaysian men and one Chinese woman were arrested for working illegally in the restaurant.


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