Light bulbs to treble in price

Posted: July 1, 2010 in General

IlieEnergy-saving light bulbs could treble in price as ministers order energy suppliers to stop subsidising them. Power companies discount compact fluorescent bulbs as part of measures to meet greenhouse gas targets. But Chris Huhne, minister for climate change, has told electricity and gas firms to stop the promotions in supermarkets and DIY chains and invest more money in home insulation instead. Hasn’t virtually everyone got that already surely it would make sense to sponsor solar panels for individual houses?

Energy-saving bulbs are sold for as little as 33p each in supermarkets. The end of subsidises means they could cost £1 or more. Mind you so may different companies have given these away in promotional offers most people must have cupboards full of them, the Percy Weller household certainly does. As many as 230 million have given away in the last few years.

At the start of last year, ministers banned light bulb mail-outs but power companies have continued to subsidise the cost of bulbs in supermarkets and DIY stores. In the last three months alone, eight million of the bulbs were sold by chain stores under the subsidy scheme.

But these subsidises will be scrapped when the CERT scheme is extended from March 2011 to the end of 2012.

Remember the villagers blockade against travellers?

For two months the villagers of Meriden, near Coventry, mounted round-the-clock vigils to prevent gipsies from building an illegal camp in a field near their homes. An injunction was then obtained to prevent any development until the planning issue is resolved.

But yesterday the council allowed diggers in which began changing the once lush field into mounds of excavated earth, residents could do nothing to stop them.

Apparently a planning meeting to decide if the gipsies will be allowed to stay is due to be held in seven days but the travellers managed to persuade the council that they were entitled to a water supply and sanitation and should be allowed to start connecting their camp to the sewerage system. This move is known as ‘the thin edge of the wedge’. The development has incensed the villagers, who fear that bit by bit the gipsies are getting their own way and slowly managing to build a permanent camp, regardless of residents’ concerns. Even Stevie Wonder could see that!


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