Foreigners taking half our jobs.

Posted: June 30, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

Here’s more trying to get in.Ilie

UK Border Agency in Calais have foiled an attempt by five stowaways to enter the UK by hiding in a lorry load of electric fans heading for Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

IlieOn 17 June 2010 at 0845 officers working at Calais examined a Spanish registered freight vehicle with a Spanish driver. A body detection dog indicated the presence of stowaways in the vehicle. On entering the trailer the officers found five Afghan adult males hiding amongst the load of fans.

This is why they are heading for the UK.

I got this off the Daily Mail site it shows the percentage of foreign workers taking our jobs in and around London where the streets are paved with gold. Well they are for foreigners.


To alter one of Gordon ‘Bennett’ Brown’s worthless catch phrases to ‘British crimes for British criminals’ it’s not just our jobs immigrants take. Here’s just two news items that caught my eye from Kent last week.

A Sri Lanka born, Theogenes De Montford, who came to UK in 2001 was gang leader of a chip and pin fraud which could have raked in £35 million. He was caught after a Facebook group ‘The Boycott Bluebell Hill Shell- Unless You Want Your Card Cloned’ was set up.

Congolese immigrant Richard Kombe set up a bogus charity then ripped of charities such as Children in Need and Comic Relief of almost £100,000 he was also involved in benefit and identity fraud, bogus asylum claims and false claiming of student loans.

Just in case you thought the traveller’s trespassing scene has gone quiet

A group of travellers has pitched up on private land owned by one of the country’s leading public schools. Around 10 caravans were driven last week into the field near Rugby School in Warwickshire, where fees are £28,000 a year. The squatters are believed to have been served with a notice to leave the site

Warwickshire Police said it understood that the school had applied for an injunction against those who moved on to the field.

Since setting up home last Wednesday, it has been reported the travellers have resisted all requests to leave.

Yet park your car somewhere illegal and it’s towed away before you can say “where’s my car gone”!

  1. Tony says:

    I know Polish people can now work here legally. But. I live on a small housing association estate and communal digital upgrades are being installed. Guess what, all the men except for the man in charge are Polish. This can’t be a bad paid job, but we have 3million unemployed in this country, why did this company not employ them first. I’m fuming.

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