Old people to be evicted

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Broken Britain


Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, said there are “tons of elderly people” living in homes they cannot run. His solution is to throw them out. Where will they go, one bedroom tower block flats in crime/drug ridden inner city hell holes?

His remark came as he unveiled proposals to relocate the unemployed to areas where there are jobs. Mr Duncan Smith, who is the MP for Chingford, said ministers wanted to encourage the unemployed living in council houses to move out of work blackspots to homes in other areas, perhaps hundreds of miles away.

But hold up, the unemployment rate in April 2010 reached 2.47 million. The number of vacancies for the three months to May 2010 was 492,000, statistics show there are 5.2 unemployed people per vacancy.

So to sum up, Iain Duncan Smith is going to throw out old people from their homes where they have lived for decades bringing up families to replace them with a couple of million unemployed whom only 1 in 5 have any hope of getting a job. Meanwhile migrant workers flood into our country to compete for the few job vacancies we have.


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