UK Border Agency create job vacancies.

Posted: June 25, 2010 in British jobs for British workers

The UK Border Agency appear to be doing their bit to get the British unemployed back to work, now all we need is the ToffTory/LibDim government to introduce catering courses specialising in foreign cuisine for the unemployed at local colleges.
IlieThree Sunderland restaurants were caught employing illegal workers.

UK Border Agency visited three Sunderland restaurants, the Pizzarama in Tunstall Terrace, Pizza Hotline in Derwent Street and Great Wall Chinese takeaway in Southwick Road.

At Pizzarama one Iranian man, aged 36, was found without permission to work.

At Pizza Hotline another 36-year-old Iranian man was found without permission to work.

At the Great Wall takeaway officers arrested two Chinese men, aged 27 and 26, on suspicion of entering the UK illegally. The officers also arrested a 41 year old Chinese man who had overstayed his visa. None of them had the right to work in the UK. One of the three has since claimed asylum.

Not a hard nut to crack

Four Brazilian illegal immigrants have been removed from the country after a UK Border Agency operation in Maidenhead.

Officers visited an address on Courtlands in Maidenhead on Tuesday 15 June. The two men and two women, all Brazilian nationals aged between 20 and 47, were arrested for overstaying their visas.

They were held in detention until they could be put on a flight from the UK back to Brazil on Saturday 19 June.

UK Border Agency use their loaf.

Seven people have been arrested following a UK Border Agency raid on a bakery, Dalton Bakeries Ltd on Beaconsfield Road, Hayes on Thursday 10 June.

Of the eleven employees who were on site at the time of the visit, seven (six Indian men and one Sri Lankan man) were arrested for a variety of immigration offences. Five were working in breach of their student visa conditions.

Three remain in detention pending their removal from the UK, while the other four have been granted immigration bail while the UK Border Agency works to get travel documents to remove them.

Is it my imagination or has the UK Border Agency upped their game since Labour left office?


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