Cuts in unemployed benefit whilst illegals work.

Posted: June 24, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder


I noticed in the ToffTory/LibDim attack on the poor that benefits will be reduced for long term unemployed but unless there are jobs out there for the millions of unemployed that we already have they’ve no chance of getting a job have they so will be forced to get by on even less money.

Which brings me once again to illegal workers in this country. Let’s hope ToffTory/LidDim aren’t cutting UK Agency officers like they’ve cut the police force.

All four staff members on duty at a Falmouth takeaway have been arrested for being illegal workers. A fifth person who was at the takeaway, but not working, was also arrested as an immigration offender.

Acting on intelligence, officers from the Agency targeted Mayflower Takeaway, on Acacia Road, at 1830 on Thursday 17 June. As they entered the business, one of the workers tried to do a runner but was caught by an officer covering the rear exit.

The immigration status of staff was checked and it was found that all four on duty – three Chinese men and a Malaysian woman – had no legal right to live and work in the UK.

Two of the men were working in the kitchen while the third man and the woman were on the front counter serving customers.

The three men were all failed asylum seekers who should have left the UK as required when their claim was turned down, while the Malaysian woman had entered the UK illegally.

A fourth Chinese man was on the premises and was also found to be a failed asylum seeker. He was not seen working and he claimed he was visiting the takeaway. That old chestnut!

All five immigration offenders were arrested and taken to Camborne police station. They remain in detention and steps are being taken to remove them from the UK.

The business was closed when officers left because there were no staff members left on duty with the right to work in the country.

Mayflower takeaway was also served with a civil penalty notice for employing four illegal workers.


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