Crime doesn’t pay…..

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Law & Disorder

……….don’t make me laugh!
IlieCaron Williams, 39, plundered tetraplegic Janet Townson’s bank account over four years.
Miss Townson, wheelchair- bound for 24 years after a road accident, said her life had been devastated by her “so-called friend and carer”.

Williams, of St Stephen’s Road, West Bowling, Bradford, went on to steal £780 from pensioner Ivan Ignatio who befriended her when she was on the run.

Williams pleaded guilty to five charges of theft and one of attempted theft from Miss Townson, 57, and one offence of stealing from Mr Ignatio, 80. She also admitted failing to surrender to court bail.

Williams became Miss Townson’s carer in 2001. When Miss Townson moved to Lancaster in 2006 the two stayed friends and kept in contact. In June 2008, Williams tried to pay a forged £1,200 cheque into her bank account at Lloyds TSB in West Bowling.

An investigation revealed that she had stolen £71,500 from Miss Townson’s bank account between April 2004 and June 2008. Arrested in September 2008, she told police the money went on shopping, catalogues and paying off debts.

Williams jumped police bail and went on the run.

On December 5, 2008, Mr Ignatio took pity on her when she knocked on his door in snowy weather after seeing him in a pub in Holme Wood, Bradford. While he gave her shelter and hot drinks, Williams stole his wallet.

Re-arrested in June last year, she said she used Mr Ignatio’s money to stay at a guest house in Wibsey.

She was jailed for only 34 months by Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC even though he said it was “a truly appalling case.”

Let’s see now, 34 months jail for stealing and spending £71,000; that’s £2088 a month tax free a nice little earner. Mind you, get the sentence cut in half will see that jump to £4176 a month!


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